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Mar 14, 2007 09:32 AM

Best Omaha Steak House

Chicago Hound looking for best steak house in Omaha. Staying at the Omaha Marriot on Regency Circle this weekend and will have a car. Also any other chow worthy restaurant recommendations would be appreciated.

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  1. I don't know that it is the best, but within walking distance of your hotel is Fleming's Prime, which is a chain steakhouse much like Capital Grille, Morton's, or Ruth Chris. I've been there a few times and is always very good. I stay at that hotel quite a bit. Another place to go for a good steak is Mahogany Prime, which would be west on Dodge Ave approximately at 135th St. One steakhouse in Omaha that I like which is much more casual is the Drover, which is on 72nd Street not far off I-80. the prices are more reasonable and it's a pretty comfortable laid back atmosphere. I'm sure some Native Omahan's can provide some additional recommendations, but I think you'd do pretty well at any of these with relation to where you are staying (all within 10-15 min drive).

    A couple others that i'd recommend around the area for decent to good food are Spezio's (Italian) and Charleston's (moderate to high end chain, american). That's about all i can think of.

    Downtown Omaha i'd recommend M's Pub and the French cafe, both in the Old Market. There are a number of other quality places within a few block area here as well. Good luck

    1. Actually, I've heard great things about Fleming's, which is within walking distance from your hotel. Yes, it's a chain, but if it's good, it's good. Might be worth a shot. Other locally owned steakhouses frequently mentioned are Gorat's at 40-ish and Center, Johnny's on 32nd and L (old school steak house, seen in About Schmidt if that matters/rings any bells) and Anthony's off 72nd and I 80. Paxton Chop House downtown is also supposed to be good.

      Other local places you might like are Darwin Bistro ( which is fairly new, Riveras ( is great Mexican and Blue ( is decent sushi. Other restaurants without web sites, or sites I'm too lazy to look up, are Jams on 80th and Dodge (great salads, good seasonal offerings) and Dixie Quicks (19th and Leavenworth) for down-home cooking and great brunches. La Buvette in the Old Market is also a great place to kick back with some wine and a cheese plate.

      1. I miss the old days when we'd go to one of the family-owned Italian joints for a good steak with a small side of spaghetti. Flemings is good, but I just don't think it's $80 an entree good. And we lose so much everytime one of these cookie cutter places opens up and replaces a family owned joint. Sorry, old fashioned that way. I know people celebrate the Cheesecake Factories of the world but I just can't get into it, no matter how many pounds of mashed potatoes they serve on the side or how sinfully delicious their shipped-in desserts are. Does that make me a food snob? So be it.

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          I agree with you on Fleming's. I can go there anytime, just like Mortons, Capital Grille, Ruth Chris etc., as I travel around the country. Around 10 years ago I had a great steak at Anthony's, what is your opinion on that place versus Johnny's.

        2. Try Johnny's for a true "Omaha steak" experience. has lots of menus for local (and not so local) places, including 22 steakhouses. You're sure to find something that sounds yummy! Would also second Dixie Quick's for Sunday brunch

          1. I should note that we have two "Johnny's Steakhouses," and depending on who you ask you might get sent to the wrong one. They are completely different. The one that (I think) everyone here has referred to is the one on 32nd and L near the stockyards and has been here forever.

            The other Johnny's is out west in the Village Pointe mall. It's not bad, but it's a chain.

            As for Mookie's question, I can't answer it. I've never been to Anthony's. What's funny is that most Omahans I know will say "the best steak? My house." I and those I know rarely go out for steak, so it's sometimes hard to come up with a solid recommendation for a true Omaha steak experience.