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Mar 14, 2007 08:47 AM

Masai Much?

I was just wondering if anyone here has been to Masai on Parc just north of St. Viatur. It's been open for a while now, but whenever I walk by it's always empty....

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    1. re: carswell

      Well guys, you wrong, i was there last saturday and the place rocks, once you inside, you really want tou stay in.

        1. re: eatsies

          I've been quite a few times and am glad to see business is finally picking up for them. They had a rough beginning but have now had a new chef since december and the new menu is very good. Not what you would call haute cuisine, but tasty honest food. I would recommend the veal and chevre burger (unlike the mirror review suggests) i find the combination of juicy veal with sweet caramilized onions and a good dose of creamy chèvre to make one great burger...

          1. re: Nanbanane

            I was pretty unimpressed when I went yesterday. There were about 20 people in the restaurant. Well most were on the terrasse but we had to grab a table indoors because there was no more space outside. Three of us went there for their ladies night but we also ordered the fried calamari. The calamari was good (crispy) but it took forever to come out of the kitchen which I couldn't for the life of me understand since only one other table was eating (they ordered the burger, which looked good, and something else both of which showed up at their table after our calamari). It seemed that everyone else was there to drink with beer being the drink of choice.

            Lucky for the beer drinks because the mixed drinks weren't that good and the bartender took long to make them. She seemed pretty confused but I think she was new. When we mentioned to the waiter that we wanted to order a drink, he said that he couldn't do it and that the bartender had to take the order (then he would run over to the bar to tell her). I really couldn't comprehend this system because Masai isn't setup as a bar, it is a restaurant. My understanding is that the waiter should be able to take the drink order and bring it over to the bar instead of him grabbing the bartender everytime we wanted a drink. This system also didn't make sense because the bartender did not go table-to-table to see if people wanted drinks, instead she stood at the bar and waited for a waiter to tell her to go to a table to take a drink order. Confusing? That's what I thought.

            The other thing that really irked me was when I asked for the bill. As I said, we were there for ladies night, which meant pay for one drink and subsequent drinks are free. We each had three drinks in total (that's all we were able to have in 90 mins because of the slowness of the bar even though there were about 20 people in the restaurant) but they seemed really weak (I guess that's the point) but I did notice that the bar did not have pourers instead she used the bottle top to measure out the alcohol.

            So, as she hands me the bill, the first thing out of her mouth is 'the tip is not included for the free drinks' to which I thought to myself 'no kidding.' I just couldn't believe that she had the gaul to say that, particularly since she said it even before I tipped. I think when someone is working in the service industry, they should really just bite their tongue if they don't get their 15% tip even if it is unfair. To say something is rude and reflects badly on the establishment. I paid by credit card to which she had to stand around and wait for someone to show her how to work the machine then when she brought the bill back to me she stood at my table until I signed the credit card statement.

            I still tipped the appropriate amount but I really wanted to tell her everything that she was doing wrong which might actually jeopardize her tips. I think her lack of experience was to blame for her behavior. It transpired into rudeness of which I don't think she was aware. This is a huge problem for a restaurant, particularly one which is starting out and trying to draw in customers. The managers should be more aware and provide the necessary training.

            So the problem at Masai is service.