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Mar 14, 2007 08:46 AM

Courtyard by Marriott Downtown Toronto

Any good restaurants within walking distance of this hotel. Something to take a client to? Any cuisine is fine. Nice atmosphere but not stuffy. Thanks.

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  1. Definitely try Carmen's for a nice steak. Not at all stuffy like the other steak houses in the city. Amazing thick steak with awesome garlic and spices on top. Always cooked to perfection - they even ask you to cut into it before leaving the table when they bring it to you.

    1. Right across the street, Carmen's is terrific. And not stuffy. So second Mandy Lin. That'd be my first choice by a long shot (or unless your client is a vegetarian)

      Byzantium just up at Wellesley on Church might work for a client, it's a bit chi-chi-ish.
      Fuzion is up one more block -- variable reviews here.

      1. Bangkok Garden is close -just 3 blocks down Yonge St on Elm. Thai with class. I wrote a review on a recent visit if you search this board. It's relaxed , but nice, with very good service and food. I've never been to a Thai resto with nicer decor.

        1. That's a tough area, if you want walking distance. Carmen's is all I can think of too.

          I do like Byzantium (used to live in that 'hood), but if you're not from the city, you should know that it's in boystown and if your client is an "old boy" of the more conservative type, he may be more comfortable at the steakhouse.