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Mar 14, 2007 08:37 AM

High Cotton (Charleston & Greenville)

High Cotton just opened in Greenville (March 5), but they have a location in Charleston.

Pretty much the same menus in both locations. Has anyone been to either? Is it worth the price?

It seems pretty like pretty straightforward seafood, so I'm looking for standout dishes to try on my first visit.

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  1. High Cotton is excellent... a great sibling of Slighty North of Broad (SNOB). It is one of Charleston's better dining experiences. The Maverick Group, owner of those two restaurants and a few other in Charleston, knows how to do things right.

    1. I had the field greens salad, rib-eye steak with a side of sauteed spinach, and a beer at High Cotton, which, came to $47.50, after tax and tip. The salad was very nicely done, diversely-arranged and extremely fresh-tasting and crunchy, with a mild but extremely flavorful Green Goddess dressing. The complementary bread, though warm, was not very fresh and the waitperson said they don't make it themselves. The steak was a decent size, extremely tender, but excessively pink throughout, when I had ordered it to be just slightly pink. It was also extremely greasy/heavy tasting, with a very fatty flavor profile, almost overwhelming. It had a nice, if pronounced, salted outside, and was, again incredibly tender to eat. The spinach was fantastic, rich, meaty leaves with a lovely chew and not too heavy on the fat or seasoning, simply letting the vegetable "speak" for itself. It was a pleasure, and a good amount. The bar staff (where I ate) were quite upbeat, but one got the sense they were artificially cheerful and that there was lots of upselling happening (perhaps standard these days). The one bar staff member was a girl who was very young to be serving high-end dishes, IMO. Overall, it was a delicious meal, but I think it was too pricey for the food.

      1. High Cotton is one of my favorites in a town full of great food. I've been there many times over the years and have never been disappointed. The shrimp and grits at brunch is my favorite. Try the trout. There are specials that spotlight local stuff, so that may be what you'd like as a "standout'. And the souffles are outstanding so save room for dessert.

        One one of my visits, we sat next to two women who were really rude and condescending to the waiter. He kept a smile on his face and did his best to please them. One of them stuffed bread in her purse, asked for more, and did it again.

        I think High Cotton is worth the money.

        1. They upsell much too much at High Cotton in Charleston. (I also had a mediocre hamburger there).

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            I have been there many times and never had that experience.

          2. The last time I was there the main course was a seafood dish. The sides I had were collard greens and also grits topped with blue cheese crumbles and a dollop of pepper relish topping it off. It was all very good.