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Mar 14, 2007 08:26 AM

Best Country for Dinner at Epcot

We are trying to decide which country do dine at in Epcot this weekend. I have been to almost all of them and was wondering what everyone's favorites are .

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  1. My favorite place is France and it's the cafe that faces the water. I love to go there about 45 minutes before the fireworks and get a window seat. They open the windows wide and it's just wonderful sipping wine and watching the show.

    1. The standards (France, Mexico, and Italy) are always by far the most busy and crowded, but I prefer Morocco and Norway for something a little different from the norm. Morocco has great couscous and bastilla (if you're not willing to sit down for a full meal, the cafe works well too). Norway is very fish heavy (salmon, herring, shrimp), but also features interesting and different dishes like venison. If possible, save room for their rice pudding (I believe it's called Rice Kreme). As a random side note, Canada has excellent cheese soup, the margaritas in Mexico are pretty powerful, and of course, the pastries in France are pretty darn exciting. Enjoy.

      1. I have tried many of the places at epcot. I think Bob is the only one i know who has tried them all. I have noticed that some may look appealing but the food doesn't match up to the scenery as in mexico. The room is cool, but the food is lacking. I like Norway and lecellar in Canada. I think the variety in norway is good while the best quality i have had is in canada. Neither have a whole bunch of atomosphere. Germany seems like it might be fun with an oompa band. The food looked good there too! Or, how bout morroco with the belly dancers. I had the food from morroco one night at a private party in Isleworth. The host actually had them cater the party. The Plum chicken was outstanding! On my next visit I want to try Japan.

        1. My favorite used to be Norway before they became all Princess character meals. Now, to get my Rice Cream fix I go to the Kringla Bakery (counter service) across from Akershus. I really like the Rose & Crown Pub in the UK - the Cottage Pie (like Shepherd's pie but with beef instead of lamb) is outstanding. Germany is great for some entertainment with your buffet meal - my favorite is the pretzel bread. And, like Wenster, I like Morocco's couscous (plus you can usually walk right in to Morocco without a reservation). If you haven't heard, Alfredo's in Italy is closing at the end of the summer - you might want to try it now while you still can - although I've heard the quality of the food has really gone downhill.

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            I didn't realize Akershus had become a character experience. Oh well- I'm sure I'll be stopping by the Kringla Bakery as well for my rice kreme fix! I never felt Alfredo's was spectacular...

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              Yes, they started with just breakfast and that did so well that now the Princesses have invaded lunch and dinner in Norway as well. It's almost impossible to get reservations there now because of that.

          2. Excluding Future World, Le Cellier in Canada has the best, most consistant food. Specialities are steak and salmon, but play the side dishes, salads, etc. for some Canadian favorites like fiddlehead fern and tourtiere. No poutine.

            I like Norway buffet as it is so different -- reindeer sausage, 4 herring, etc. but not as lively as it once was.

            I like lunch at France, Italy and Germany -- but think dinners are overpriced and overwrought.

            France for the desserts, although the cassoulet is good. Escarot usually good. Baba rhum cake and profiteroles are outstanding and the wine by the glass.

            Fettucine Alfredo is worth the trip to Italy, but pay lundh not dinner prices and ignore the upsell by the waiters.

            In Germany it's just volume. Tasty and big portions, but not terribly authentic. Enjoy the show.

            Beers and pub food at the Rose & Crown are good, especially if the day isn't a madhouse. Fish & chips, shephard's pie, Scotch eggs and a snakebite or black & tan.

            Mexico is quite good for what it is, but again overpriced. 'Tis real Mexican, not Tex-Mex and enjoy the snapper Veracruz, tortilla soup, mole.


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              I love your reviews and complete honesty, although no matter what it is Disney and will never really be authentic......