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Mar 14, 2007 08:24 AM

Cocktails at Canoe -

Mr. Rabbit and I popped into Canoe for Monday night cocktails. We each had two cocktails, expertly prepared - a couple of sidecars (a simple drink, but you wouldn't believe how often people mess this one up), plus a Manhattan and something called a "mon cherry" from their cocktail menu. Service was friendly, attentive but relaxed (the perfect mix).

We didn't eat because that's just not why we were there, but I suppose the point of this post is that I'd forgotten what a lovely place Canoe is to tipple and watch the city. And despite it's fancy-schmancy, Bay Street rep, it's a very accesible place to hang out. A bonus - cocktails were $10-15 each, and while this may not seem a bargain to some, it is totally reasonable and competitive for Toronto, astonishingly so in such a great setting.

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  1. Jeff the bartender, is probably THE best bar chef in Toronto. Always great, well-made, clean cocktails.

    1. Amen to the bar (and tender) at Canoe. Because $$ is always an issue for me, I have had some great dates at the bar on the 52nd floor. (Maybe cook some pasta and a bottle of wine at home, then drinks/apps & desert at the bar at Canoe). Still not cheap but always impressive.
      Side note: at a corporate dinner (somebody else's expense account) at canoe, I watched the service staff over-charge our party. Near the end of the meal 2 open and half full bottles of champagne (why 2 open bottles when only a few of us were drinking the stuff?) were mysteriously and discreetly removed from a service table in our private room and taken away. Then when somebody asked for another glass, a new un-opened bottle was produced. When I asked our host a few days later about the bill, he said that he was suprised at how much wine and champagne he was charged for but at the time he didn't feel he could complain about it.
      So when at Canoe, caveat emptor!

        1. mmmmm....Manhattan....It's good to hear they make a good Manhattan since I have had mixed results (no pun intended) with this drink at bars. Another simple drink that people tend to screw up. I'll have to try it out.

          The $15 price tag, while not exactly cheap, is certainly better than the $23 price tag from those thieves at Harbour 60 (and you don't have to sit in a dimly lit corridor by the kitchen).

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            The price for a standard cocktail at Harbour 60 is $23???!!!


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              Really. Get over yourselves. I want to walk in there with a big sign that reads:

              "Do I have stupid tattooed on my forehead"