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Mar 14, 2007 08:19 AM

Rick Rodger's "Kaffeehaus"

I recently purchased this book and think everything in it looks fabulous! I don't know where it starts. What recipes have people tried that are winners? I have a dinner party in a few weeks and would like to make something from this book...

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  1. The Rigo Jansci recipe is great, and the Flodni - apple walnut poppyseed bars. Both are in the Slices chapter. For a dinner party, I'd got with the Rigo Jansci -- it's a little more "dressy" then the Flodni, so to speak. I haven't had the right combination of interest and time yet to try any of the full tortes or cakes.

    Just be warned - read through the recipes carefully --- stuff can get a little finicky, and there are lots of "pre-recipes" in some of them. *rofl* I was baking from this book when I overheard my husband mentioning to someone that "She's making something fancy - she had to start three days ahead of time."

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      Thanks!! The Flodni looked SO interesting to me!! It's on my "make soon" list. I actually can't really picture what it would taste like. But it sounds so interesting that I have to make it at some point.

      Has anyone had a chance to try the cover recipe??

    2. The dobos torte is quite authentic... I also made some of the crepe dishes.

      1. I only tried the kolache recipe. It wasn't very good--too yeasty.

        1. The apple squares are my favorite recipe so far - just a really nice homey dessert.

          I really liked the Gerbaud slices but I think they are too sweet and rich for a slice-type dessert. Cut small, they make great Christmas cookies. They keep for at least a week. The following alterations make the filling much better: 1. Increase walnuts to 1 1/2 cups 2. Reduce sugar to 1/3 c. 3. Doctor average quality apricot preserves with lemon juice and 2 tsp. dark rum

          I found the basic crepe recipe a little bland - Sugar, salt and vanilla or rum would help. But the filled Palacsinta Gundel were terrific anyway. (You could make these in conjunction with a reading of Joseph Wechberg's beautiful but sad essay on Gundel's - "A Balatoni Fogas to Start With" in Blue Trout and Black Truffles.)

          I'm not sure about the yeast plum squares. They turned out gummy for me, but unfortunatley I had to cut them while still hot so that may be the reason. My notes say I'd like them sweeter and richer and suggest sprinkling the plums with generous cinnamon sugar before adding the streusel.

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            Thanks, Cathleen! Those apple squares looked good to me too :).