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Mar 14, 2007 08:16 AM

Help me like turnips!

I love most everything - there isn't a cuisine I won't eat, except turnips. I want to like them, but don't like the bitterness I guess. I have tried them roasted and mashed, mixed with potatoes - all to no avail. We do successfully put them in lentil soup which masks the flavor, but I want to learn to love them in all their glory. So, anyone have a recipe that will change my mind about turnips - we have them coming in our CSA box this week.

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  1. When cooked with bacon and that old-timey classic, bacon grease, turnips sing in all their peppery glory. I also find that boiling them in chicken stock adds something to them. Another use is in an African peanut stew. Turnips seem to thrive off the strong flavor combinations.

    1. Try the Moghul Lamb Stew with Turnips in Madhur Jaffrey's Indian Cooking. It's amazing.

      1. I have a related question.... I have the same problem with beets. For years I have tried them in numerous different preparations, only to find that I still think that they taste like dirt. Recently, I tried a gingered beet recipe that I fell in love with. It has just enough stong flavors in it (ginger, garlic, tamari) to mask the "dirt" flavor of the beets, yet let their sweetness shine through.

        Anyone have any other wonderful beet recipes?

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          I LOVE beets! Have you made beet chips or fries - try with golden beets first, because they are less messy to prep, peel, cut into slices, you may wish to rinse and dry after you peel if you are sensitive to the dirt flavor, and roast until they are carmelized. They turn yummy and sweet. In the last few minutes you can add a reduced balsamic glaze or orange juice glaze if you don't like the flavor of beets. It will mask the flavor some.

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            My favorite preparation for beets is to roast them in their skins, peel, chop, and mix them with red onions and mustard viniagrette. I add a bit of fresh goat cheese and a few chopped walnuts if I have them handy.

        2. Try this recipe I made from the Cookbook of the Month. I think the parsnips help more than anything.

          1. Switch to rutabagas. They're milder and more flavourful.

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              If you can get them, try the little white japanese turnips...sweet and mild and wonderful. You would probably have to get them at a farmers market...I grew them several years ago and fell in love with can eat them raw even.