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Mar 14, 2007 08:14 AM

Economical Restaurant Venue for Wedding

I know many variations of this question have been asked before but I am looking for a restaurant (or a cheap venue) for a cocktail wedding reception.

My details:
August Wedding
Toronto location
80 people approx
just hors d'oeuvres
not super expensive drinks
a room that does not need very many decorations

am I asking the impossible?

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  1. Our company has done summer cocktail parties on the top floor of the Savoy. We like it as a venue because you have privacy for the event and there is an indoor space + outdoor patio. We find the cost fairly reasonable and typically host about 100 people for a couple of hours. I know the Savoy doesn't get raves on this board for its food, but our guests have generally enjoyed the hors d'oeurves that are passed around although they're probably paying more attention to the drinks and conversation to be honest. We do this on a weeknight though so I'm not sure if it would be available for a weekend night.

    1. If you want to stay downtown, you should consider the Island Yacht Club, there dining room has just been remodeled, the chef is excellent and the prices are very competitive.

      If you are interested please call Christine Holloway at 416-203-0492

      1. Check out Brassai on King, they have a beautiful courtyard and the food is always good.
        I went to an outdoor wedding there last summer and everything from the service to the food was excellent.

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          I attended a wedding last summer at Brassai. Buffet dinner of roasted vegetables, salmon and a perfectly cooked beef tenderloin, hosted in the private back room. The courtyard was beautifully lit for cocktails. The only complaints - not a lot of room to dance, and one had to trudge through the main dining room to the courtyard to have a cigarette, which was rude to other diners.
          I also attended another wedding at La Maquette. Gorgeous space. Great food. Service could be better, but it's a lovely space.

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