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Mar 14, 2007 08:09 AM

Financial District Friday Night Dinner?

Hi, we will be staying at the Embassy Suites on North End this Friday. Any recs for dinner down that way? We prefer casual, but we are not cheap. Italian would be first, French second. I love wine, wife doesnt drink, so I always order by the glass.

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  1. You are a little isolated over on North End and will probably need to take a cab to most restaurants. In that area, I enjoy Il Giglio, a very good and consistent Italian restaurant on Warren. Service is very good and their food is great. It may be difficult, though, to get a reservation for this Friday evening unless you can be flexible on time.

    1. Landmarc in Tribeca is excellent and you can either walk (it's a decent walk but I do it whenever i go there or other restaurants around there - i live right by the hotel). Great selection by the glass and 1/2 bottles, very very low markup.

      and to the above poster - it's not THAT isolated! Il Giglio is all of 4 blocks from north end avenue!

      oh yeah - and additionally, I know your wife doesnt drink, but there's a cute wine bar called Vino Vino on the same street as Landmarc if you wanted to stop in on the way home. Great wine by the glass list, cheeses, etc.

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        Agree totally with downtownstefanie! Landmarc is probably the most reasonably priced (in terms of food quality to value ratio) restaurant in downtown. Get the bone marrow appetizer and you will be in heaven! II Giglio is also a solid choice. It's not a place that "wow" you, but you will get good, satisfactory meal there.

        For French, a less expensive choice than Bouley (which of course is the best in downtown no matter how you put it), will be, uh, upstairs at Bouley. A more causal dinning option than Bouley, less expensive, but with the same level of great food.

        By the way, I think Embassy suites provides buffet breakfast, so don't miss your share of fresh-made omelettes and pancakes!

      2. I agree - there are plenty of places you can walk to from the Embassy Suites, you just need to cross the West Side Highway. An Italian place that might meet your budget better than Il Giglio would be Ecco on Chambers between W Broadway and Church. Nice, intimate atmosphere. There are also a few places up a few blocks on Greenwich that would be good, especially if the weather holds up and they have outdoor seating: Gigino, Roc, and Dominic. They are all casual and decent (Roc would be my preference). Finally - if you decide to do French, I would go to Cercle Rouge on W Broadway between Beach and White. Typical, but good, brasserie food.