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Downtown Dallas - High End Recomendation Please

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Can anyone please help me with a high end restaurant to take 5 guys in downtown Dallas? Is there a great restaurant that serves all types of food rather than just a steakhouse?

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  1. French Room or Stephan Pyles both come to mind.

    1. Stephen Pyles for sure. Great atmosphere, great food.

      1. No doubt about it, the winner would be Stephen Pyles...Get a reservation EARLY...

        1. I would go with Stephen Pyles too, but I have friends who really like Fuse.

          1. Bijoux -French

            Stephen Pyles is good too!

            1. Bijoux is a quite a ways from downtown. Hell, it's north of the Park Cities almost.

              I'd say Lola; Local, which although not in downtown per se is less than a mile away in deep Ellum; or if Italian is OK with everybody, Bice at the Cressent. Might also consider the new chef at the Mansion on Turtle Creek. I haven't eaten there yet, but hear good things.