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Local cheese, butter?

Does anyone know of local cheese or butter makers? I'd arbitrarily say that VT isn't local but RI NH ME and CT are, but heck, tell me about any place.

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  1. here's some mass places:


    and if you go to formaggio's and ask about other local cheeses, they can tell you a lot.

    1. that is kinda arbitrary, since vermont is known for its cows!

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        Yeah, I was just being difficult, trying to get some suggestions other than in Vermont.

      2. This lady is always at the Brookline Farmer's Market in the summer, cheerily handing out samples of her yummy goat cheese. I'm partial to the smoked variety and the wasabi, but she's got lots of variety. They ship in the non-farmer's market season.

        1. Great Hill Blue in Marion MA - also have a look through this list - http://www.farmfreshri.org/food/foodc...

          1. Sankow's Beaverbrook Farm in Lyme, Ct. makes Jersey Cows milk cheeses, yogurt and ice cream and Sheep's milk cheeses, yogurt. All there stuff is great. You can go to the farm and buy it or they sell to a bunch of gourmet stores, like Nika's , Whole foods, ect..
            They also sell at Farmer's Markets in Greenwich, West hartford and New haven.

            1. Heart Song farm in New Hampshire make some of the best goat cheese. Beside their chevre try the Charsaun de Cour Noir or the Valencay. Smilling Hill Farm in Maine is good too.

              Farm2chef.com also

              1. Cato Corner Farm in Colchester, CT makes some nice cheese from raw milk. I know you can buy it at Highland Park market in CT, I bought it at the one in Glastonbury.


                1. These Westfield farm goat cheeses are made in my town - Hubbardston. You can drive up to their place and walk into the "garage" where they have their shop. In the small front room, their cheeses are in the refrigerator and there's a bucket for you to leave the money. During the day, the cheesemakers are in the next room. They have a variety of cheeses, some are award-winning. I like the chocolate goat cheese. I eat it plain, but they say it's great in cheesecake. You can also buy their cheeses in some stores, including Idelwylde farm in Acton. But they don't have all the varieties. I highly recommend the place.
                  The web site has pictures of each cheese and you can order online too!

                  1. What do you mean Vt is not local? I do not understand that comment.

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                      Sorry greenstate, no offense meant, I love Vermont cheese and I love visiting Vermont. I just wanted to encourage suggestions from less well known locales.

                    2. These are all great suggestions, I'll check Whole Foods and Formaggio Kitchen, also am planning some fun and delicious weekend travel destinations. Thanks very much.