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Mar 14, 2007 07:46 AM

Spicy hot crawl suggestions

I recently learned that my generally staid friend is a hot sauce/spicy food freak after he doused his dim sum with three helpings of hot sauce at Hei La Moon and complained that it was not nearly enough.

A visit to the next Hell Night at ECG is clearly warranted. But, like the recent appetizer crawl thread, would you care to suggest similar ideas for hot and/or spicy food?

I can't wait to read your responses.

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  1. You can stop by ECG in the meantime and get whatever Hell item is currently on the appetizer list. Then, over to Mary Cheungs for one of their super-spicy items. There must be an Indian place nearby that you could follow that up with.

    1. Cambridge/Central/Inman crawl:

      Start with wings of mass destruction at ECG in Inman. Other well spiced, but not as hot dishes could be Xiao Jianming's Wetbones or the tuna taco.
      Next, try Koreana for Ddokbokgi or DobuJaeyukBokum.
      Move on to Mary Chung's in Central for dan dan noodles.
      How about Royal Bengal for Kasha Mangsho or Maachher Jhaal?
      Cool off your tongues at Tosci's with some ice cream afterwards.

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        ECG is always happy to provide a side of inner beauty, which i find goes incredibly well with a lot of the dishes, including all of the bbq, the tuna tacos, and the buffalo shrimp.

        1. re: Blumie

          That reminds me of a story from the most recent Hell Night (which I thought was pretty weak). At the table near us one of the customers challenged a waiter to take a shot of inner beauty hot sauce with him. They both did the ceremonial clinking of metal glasses before downing the shot. After taking the shot, the waiter seemed a little pained, to say the least. I think he tried to make a move to a sink or something, but instead ended up spitting up the entire shot all over the customer's arm. It was pretty lulzy.

          1. re: DoubleMan

            I love inner beauty, and have a very high tolerance for spice, but would never think of doing a shot of it.

      2. I'd include the Tiger Tears at Floating Rock.

        1. Cerviche at Rincon Limeno &/or other fresh chilli-studded dishes w/their signature red & green sauces on the side:

          1. A little out of the way, but go to Little Q in Quincy and do hotpot with their spicey broth. I know die hard spicey freaks whose eyes water as they eat it (mine included). Mouth on fire, but oh so tasty. Especially with the restaurant potentially closing down soon, I'd suggest trying it before it disappears.