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Mar 14, 2007 07:42 AM

Where to eat around Sherbourne and College

Will be going to a concert at the Phoenix Theatre and I'm looking for food options in the area - or not TOO far away. Any cuisine welcome, moderately priced if possible. Nothing too formal - we're a casual bunch. Ideas?

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  1. It's actually Carlton & Sherbourne. College Street starts at Yonge and goes west. Carlton runs east from Yonge St. As for anything to eat in that particular area, sorry. Can't think of anything. (I don't think there IS anything there.) Better to go east to Parliament or west to Church.

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      Right. That's what I meant: Carleton. It's kind of a skeevy area, isn't it? Maybe better to go further afield?

    2. You won't find much on that corner, but I would head east to Parliament. House of Parliament is a great little pub--very casual. The Laurentian Room is more upscale, but I wouldn't call it formal.
      Also nearby is Rashnaa - Sri Lankan, Tikka House, Town Grill (there is a recent post on this one). I am sure other CHers have other faves in that neighborhood.

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        I second Rashnaa and would add Mr Jerk for super casual (eating counter only at the back) on Wellesley, south side, just east of Sherbourne for their jerk pork sandwich on coco bun with oxtail gravy for $4.99 plus tax. It's fantastic.

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          I am going to lobby for Rashnaa. It sounds great. Thanks everyone.

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   if your friends want to see the menu.

            have fun.

      2. I second House of Parliament. I've only had good experiences there.

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        1. Margarita's on Carleton is alrightish Mexican (the camarones con nopales (shrimp with cactus) is good; avoid the margaritas); the House on Parliament has excellent food, but is always crowded; Big Momma's boy has really good, mostly organic food, and quality pizza.

          1. The House of Parliment is one of th best pubs I've ever been to...