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Mar 14, 2007 07:18 AM

Wichita: Any 'hounds at all out there?

Am relocating to DooDah...

Can't seem to stir up any 'hound interest.

have posted for info on coffee, Asian, etc. no response....

Notice there is a Filipino place in town, anyone been?

Anyone breathing here???

Still looking for recs on Thai, Viet, Chinese, etc.

Decent freshly roasted coffee....????

Anything interesting?

I went to Bangkok Thai on Rock, was ok, but not great. Iceberg lettuce served with Yum Neua, kinda sad, but the flavors were ok. will go again, but there must be better in town...

Granite City had a nice burger...but were out of IPA, more on that later. They did a good job of redeeming themselves...

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  1. We ate at a Malaysian place in a strip mall while driving through Wichita. I'll be honest, it wasn't anything special, but it was satisfying and Malaysian, so if you're looking for some interesting Asian you might try it. I think it was probably this place:

    Malaysia Cafe
    7777 E 21st St N, Wichita, KS 67206
    (316) 685-8838

    Apparently there there are a lot of Malaysian students at Wichita State (google "Malaysian Wichita") so maybe you should write to the Malaysian student association there for some recommendations!

    1. I noticed your post is kinda old. Have you gotten any other good suggestions? I check in periodically, I know Wichita isn't exactly a food mecca, but there are lots of good places here. I've never been, but Saigon is almost legendary. It's on north Broadway I think. I just recently heard Cafe Tutu on Central is good. I think Thai Tradition on Central is exceptional. Mana Wok is Korean and I think it's on Harry. It's really good.

      As for burgers, if you haven't tried Ty's Diner, you must. If you like Lebanese, go to
      N & J on Lincoln. It is also an institution.

      Fresh roasted coffee, not sure about. I'm one of those jerks that goes to Starbucks, because it's by my house. A Dunn Bros. opened up in the Marriot downtown, but it's also a chain. The Vagabond in the Delano is good, although really smoky and I doubt it's fresh roasted. The west side seems to have more independent coffee shops. Let me know if you need any other recs.

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      1. re: shopgirl26

        I was up there visiting family recently and they took me to Thai Tradition, it was fantastic! I'm considering relocating there, so I'll be watching this topic.

        1. re: shopgirl26

          Have gotten a few recs, but mostly going through the phone book, driving neighborhoods...basic detective work.
          I have some new things to report on burgers, Thai, etc and will post those soon.

          Still no local coffee roasters worth discussing, but The Roasterie in KC is very good, but a tad pricey, though more or less in line with other online sources...their Super Tuscan espresso blend is very nice. There is another place in Topeka, P.K.'s?, which i might also try, but will be buying a coffee roaster soon to do it myself at home...cheaper, fresher and more fun!

          By the way, have been to Saigon and thought it was decent...

          1. re: sambamaster

            P.T.'s, in Topeka- he sells his coffee to other places too.

            1. re: Katie Nell

              Try the Spice Merchant - they roast their own coffee; the spices are great - and inexpensive; the teas are excellent also. They're on Douglas, just west of Mosley.

              1. re: kskrazy

                spice Merchant coffee is passable at best. Nothing special, and it doesn't seem particularly fresh. And anyone who is serious about coffee will never sell the flavored, schlock-laden beans they hawk.
                as for the spices, they don't appear to be particularly fresh either. but i'll reserve judgement...i will say that going into that store is a bit like descending into the first circle of's a total mess, and not very conducive to comfortable, or confident, shopping. sorry, but the place could probably be wonderful with a little work. and a knowledgeable coffee roaster.

        2. Hey, I'm a former Wichita native who may be moving back there in the next year. I've been visiting a lot recently and would be interested in putting together a little Best of Wichita restaurant list for reference purposes. I'm in the San Francisco Bay Area right now (for 17 years now), so my standards are pretty high. Sorry to hear the Dim Sum place wasn't so great, but you're right--it's the only game in town right now. I'll give it a try next time I visit (Sept.) and see if I find anything good.

          Thanks for the burger joint recommendation. Always good to have places like that. By the way, you should try Nu-Way, if you haven't already. Wichita is the only place in the world that has it--a loose-meat burger sandwich, that comes standard with onions and mustard. It's not gourmet fare, but lots of folks like me swear by them, and their fresh-brewed root beer. In fact, I frequently have friends pick me up a frozen box of twelve and tote them on the airplane when they visit me.

          I'll keep you posted on my own new and re-discoveries as I start visiting more often.

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          1. re: tangoman

            If you decide to try out Nu-Way, go to the one @ Central & Woodlawn on a Sunday. A local farmer brings in boxes of freshly picked tomatoes during the season that are wonderful. We got some there last week and I made a Caprese salad for a birthday party on Monday that was the hit of the dinner.

            1. re: clsmith

              I love NuWay. Some people think the concept is gross, but it is pure greasy goodness. Excellent onion rings. Walt's on Central is a favorite, they have a pretty big menu and everything is good. The Oasis is also a local staple, if you like super thick burgers.

              1. re: shopgirl26

                I agree I love their burgers and onion rings. And I always have to get their rootbeer. I hardly ever drink soft drinks - but for NuWay Rootbeer i make an exception.

                1. re: gigigirrl

                  Nu-Way is horrible. I have never understood the appeal of this place short of nostalgia.

                  Should have died a slow, panful death a long time ago, IMO.

                  1. re: rbubp

                    All locations?

                    I've only been to the orginal, perhaps a dozen times. Everything I have been there is good and I love their rootbeer.

            2. re: tangoman

              Some of my favorites not previously mentioned here are Cibola, in Bradley Fair, for upscale dining; Jason's Deli in the same complex - wonderful sandwiches and soup. Then there's Sweet Basil on the 2500 block on north Woodlawn (Italian and excellent steaks and seafood). I still like Tommy's (21st and Tyler, Sonny Glennon's old partner) and Scotch and Sirlion. The new GrillFish at the Lakefront at Webb and 13th is excellent as is Granite City. I think you'll be pleasantly surprised at the dining in Wichita these days. I also vote yes for the Copper Oven; they're also a bakery. I really depends on what side of town you live on - the west side has really come up in the world since you lived here. For burgers, I also like Spangle's; it's fast food, but their Gourmet Supreme combo is $3.21 with tax and is a 1/3# burger.

              1. re: kskrazy

                I forgot about Cibola, the lobster bique is to die for, and I love the goat cheese salad. I would say it's one of the few truly upscale places we have here.

                1. re: kskrazy

                  Boy you are Kansas crazy -- for chains! Jason's, the fish joint and Granite City are all nationwide chains. There are homegrown Wichita restaurants that beat these hands down! None of these is anything special and certainly not worth a special trip.

                2. re: tangoman

                  Tangoman... Nuway is good, but not the only place loose meat sandwiches are made. Two brothers (I think) started it and had a falling out. One moved to Iowa (Iowa City, Cedar Rapids, Marion) and opened the Made-rite stands. Same sandwich. Not all the Nuways make their own root beer. Some are using Barq's or Dad's. And, if you really have a stomache, you'll ask for your Nuways WET.

                  1. re: millvalleygirl

                    that's sambamaster, please! i think i'll pass on future exposure to the loose meat sandwich, for me, it's the No-way. Will partake of their root beer, however. too bad there are no more White Castles around...they started here too as I understand it...

                    1. re: sambamaster

                      Yes, they did. And Jimmie King (of Kings-X, which includes Toc's and Jimmie's--or used to at least) got his start at White Castle. The Valentine outfit that made those little prefab diners started out making White Castles, I think.

                      When I worked at the Macdonald Park Golf Course (north part of College Hill area, east of Hillside between Central and 13th), we used to make pretty good loosemeat sandwiches.

                3. Have you found a good breakfast spot yet? We will be there Labor Day week sometime visiting my husband's grandma, and he requested a good breakfast place.

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                  1. re: Katie Nell

                    The Copper Oven is good if you like down home kind stuff, the brunch at Yia Yia's is very good if you want something a little nicer. I live by the Picadilly out east, and I popped in the other day and noticed they have a large breakfast menu. They used to be really good then went down hill, but I'm ready to give them another shot.

                    Has anyone been to Bella Donna yet?

                    1. re: shopgirl26

                      The Copper Oven, as in the pie place like we have in Topeka too, or another Copper Oven?

                      1. re: Katie Nell

                        I think the Copper Oven on W 13th is just local. Check their hours - I don't believe they are open on Sundays. Right next to Yia Yia's in Bradley Fair is Good Egg, a locally owned breakfast place. Excellent French Toast.

                        Lots of folks rave about Granite City's Sunday Brunch but we've never tried it. Haven't made it to Bella Donna yet, but a lady I was helping @ work the other day said they had gone opening week. It's owned by the same guy who opened Chesters, so they have an excellent wine list. Her only comment about the food was that they "didn't like their Italian food so fancy." Whatever. I felt like telling her thats why God gave Wichita Savute's!

                        1. re: clsmith

                          So Savute's is still around? I will definitely try it. I loved Angelo's, then it closed. Granite City brunch is ok, for almost $20 a person with a drink and tip, I like Yia Yia's better, it seems like I remember it to be cheaper too, excellent French Toast, they have a better selection too. GC was mostly breakfast items, YY's has poached salmon, lot's of salads and pastas to choose from, and I think a prime rib station, don't quote me on that one though.

                          I too think CO is local. I'm in Topeka a lot, there's not a lot to choose from but you guys have the best local fast food mexican. I love Taco Villa and Tacos el Sol.

                          1. re: shopgirl26

                            Good Egg is open 6:30am - 2:30pm. I believe Copper Oven is open on Sundays - it's Monday when they are closed. It's also a bakery with great treats.

                            1. re: kskrazy

                              The Copper Oven is closed on Sunday:( We dropped by after church and found out they were closed. But I like their food. But my favorite bakery is Bagatelle. We had their Chantilly cream tortes at our wedding.

                            2. re: shopgirl26

                              Dafazio's on amidon and I think 25th, the owner was the head cook at Angelo's, its just like going back again, try it out, I love the pickled eggplant on the salads(just like Angelo's ) later

                            3. re: clsmith

                              Thanks- we'll check out The Good Egg and Copper Oven.

                              1. re: clsmith

                                Haven't been to Savute's in a long time, but a bunch of friends (4) went there two weeks ago and said everything they ordered was mediocre. Let me know what you think they do really well, so I can order that next time I'm there. I also miss Angelo's--it was really the only place I knew to get really good, basic (but not high-end) Italian food.

                                Any other suggestions for Italian?

                                1. re: tangoman

                                  DeFazio's was pretty good and from what I remember, pretty authentic. Also I've read about a super authentic place-I think it's in Mulvane-that people go there specifically for. I'll post if I can figure out the name...

                                  1. re: shopgirl26

                                    Hi Guys!!!

                                    Here is my two cents.

                                    Best Burger....Bomber Burger 47th & Clifton
                                    Best Breakfast..The Beacon on Douglas next to the Wichita Eagle
                                    Best Soul Food... Cheree's Cafe 3928 E. 13th Between Hillside & Oliver
                                    Best Steak... Chester's Chophouse & Wine Bar Big $$$$$'s
                                    Best Steak II...Scotch and Sirlion On East Kellogg "Great Prime Rib"

                                    Steve S.

                                    1. re: shopgirl26

                                      The Mulvane Italian restaurant is Luciano's. Best homemade pasta for 200 miles. On weekends, you need a reservation. Call about 4-5 days ahead. 316-777-0045.

                                      1. re: shopgirl26

                                        Yes, DeFazio's. I haven't lived in Wichita for quite awhile but a friend who does still live there told me it's even better than it used to be. it was always my favorite place to go.

                            4. How about Cafe Moderne in the Old Town Square near the Warren Theater? They have authentic gelato in a revolving case!

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                              1. re: ynkeedoda girl

                                I just heard a commercial for TJ's Deli on 21st and Amidon. I didn't catch whether they said fresh roasted or fresh ground coffee. I think I saw this place in the paper a while back and it really didn't look like the kind of place that would have fresh roasted coffee, it may be worth a call though.

                                1. re: shopgirl26

                                  Not sure but I think that's a chain. I saw something on a truck yesterday that said "Fresh Coffee, Roasted Daily"....well, roasted daily is good, but how long does it take to be delivered, how long on the shelf, etc. Coffee is only good for about two weeks max, then it's way down hill.
                                  I still have not found any place nearby--short of Topeka or KC--that does coffee correctly (my opinion, of course). I'll be getting a new coffee roaster this fall and will do it at home....cheaper (if you pro-rate the cost of the machine over 2-3 years) and always fresher...

                                  1. re: shopgirl26

                                    I tried them out soon after they opened. The sandwiches, although labeled as "New York style", weren't anything exceptional. The meat's Hormel, the sides were limited, and service was quite slow, as there were 3 girls standing at the counter wiping things off, and only one guy in the kitchen trying to make all the orders. They re-sell Krispy Kreme donuts, which I guess is a important morning service in the 21st/Amidon area, but overall I thought they were overpriced and understaffed. They have already survived the "drop dead" date I proclaimed after trying them out, so maybe they'll make it.

                                  2. re: ynkeedoda girl

                                    We went to Cafe Moderne and tried the gelato, it was yummy - I got mango and my husband got raspberry.