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asparagus - looking for creative dishes

I had the slowly Poached Egg jamón serrano, chorizo, smoked cheese and rice cracker crusted asparagus last Friday night at Degustation and have been craving asparagus ever since. Who else does some amazing, creative asparagus dishes in NYC?

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  1. I don't know how creative it is, but I just had a yummy asparagus and brie panini at Whym on 9th Ave and 58.

    1. Not neccesarily creative but easy to make at home, wrap asparagus in prosciutto, drizzle a little olive oil and bake 10-15 minutes at around 425. Real Good. Or try it steammed and drizzle truffle oil over it. Simple but awesome.

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        you could wrap a brick in prosciutto and it'd be delicious. I'll have to try this tho--thanks!

      2. Crispo has a number of asparagus dishes, both appetizers and sides. There are several different dishes that incorporate prosciutto and different italian cheeses with asparagus. The roasted asparagus dishes are particularly good.

        1. Jean Georges' Nougatine room has an asparagus dish as a part of one of the prix fixe menu choices (for appetizer). I can't recall the preparation though.

          1. Momofuku has an asparagus dish with miso butter and poached eggs. It is quite similiar to the one you mentioned, but this is still so good!

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              I am no fan of momofuku but I might have to give it another shot for that--they do pork so well, after all.

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                just had the asparagus dish ar momo the other night.....so simple yet an amazing depth of flavor

              2. the truffled egg toast at 'inoteca is served atop grilled asparagus pieces, with which you sop up the delicious truffled eggy goo.

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                  i agree, it's perfect! (they have the same thing at 'ino on Bedford St as well)

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                    Second this! And it's fabulously easy to make at home too with the right ingredients: thickly cut white bread, some eggs, fontina cheese, and an oven.

                  2. there is some nice, simple grilled asparagus w/ salt at Aburiya Kinnosuke...

                    1. I forget the restaurant but we had the best asaparagus app. It was roasted with parm cheese over the top forming kinda a crust - the asaparagus was cooked to just the right texture. It sounds easy to make - wrong, i tried to do it at home but it just wasn't the same.

                      1. I had a fabulous asparagus/cheese egg thing at Cafe Condessa on W. 10th St. near 7th Ave. So.

                        1. Hi Erikka,

                          Jean Georges (Nougatine room) is currently serving a dish of asparagus encrusted with what I like to call "sesame bark". It is served with a yuzu foam dipping sauce.

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                            Sautee a variety of interesting mushrooms, toss in some roasted red peppers . While this mixture is still hot, spread over cooked but still crisp asparagus. Top with crumbled goat cheese and drizzle on a nice balsamic vinegar.