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Mar 14, 2007 06:58 AM

Weekend Restaurant Suggestions - Hip, Trendy, New

My friend and I are taking a weekend trip to Chicago in mid to late April. We will be there on a Friday, Saturday and Sunday night. One night is already allocated to Bin 36. Can you recommend some additional restaurants? We are both women in our early thirties, and we are looking for the "it" new restaurants/bars in Chicago right now. We like an atmosphere that is hip, trendy, bustling, has great food and even better martinis. We are staying at the Allerton so something within walking distance would be an added bonus, though it is not a necessity. (P.S. I would love to try Alinea, but it is cost prohibitive, so somewhere slightly more affordable would be great.)

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  1. I love Avec on Randolph. It has an excellent array of small plates. You have to sit at the bar and also get the pot roast. Definitely check it out. Very hip and always crowded.

    1. Aigre Doux. It's hip, trendy, new, and TERRIFIC. See my review at

      These two topics both have a lot of additional suggestions for hip, trendy places:

      1. Honestly, I would skip Bin 36, definitely go to Avec as already recommended, and consider DeLaCosta strongly. If the weather is nice and you like sushi, Ra on rush is stylish and hip with good food to boot, and Rush street is the it street to stroll on weekends. At Avec don't miss the chorizo stuffed dates, but everything is good at Avec, sometimes there is a wait but not usually long for a two top, the place is so intimate you always end up chatting with your neighbors, who are mostly regulars, and sharing food with strangers.