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Mar 14, 2007 06:43 AM

Wondering if anyone has been to the Beerbistro

Wondering if anyone has been to the Beerbistro.......what would you recommend on the menu and how is the service?

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  1. I've been several times. The frites, burgers, mussels, etc. are very good. I had their smoked trout salad at lunch once that was very good. The service has always been good for me.

    1. I was there about a week and half ago on a Saturday night. It was quite busy but service was good, knowledgable and responsive when we sent food back.

      As for the food - stick to the appetizers and beer. The frites were salted with a very heavy hand and we had them replaced with fresh ones (quite a bit better when the fries are right out of the fryer). Main courses were disappointing. I had the veal cheek which was extremely bland. Others had the lamb stew, flat iron steak and mussels and also agreed that it is nothing worth coming back for.

      1. beerbistro is one of my favorite restaurants. Excellent menu choices include: steak frites, roasted red pepper & tomato soup, pulled pork sandwich, flourless chocolate cake, hamburger. Their bartender also makes a mean Gin&Tonic. The servers are friendly as is the Manager--who is very approachable and accomodating. Also I find the atmosphere non-condescending or pretentious.

        1. I've found it a great place to huddle in and have a bite in the bar on a cold day- haven't tried it for dinner.

          1. I like this place. It's not fine dining, but I've found the food to be reliably tasty (I haven't had the over salted frites problem) and reasonably priced and the service to be friendly and unobtrusive. The atmosphere strikes just the right balance of informal, but contemporary (if that makes any sense). The beer list, as you can probably imagine, is fantastic. Their applewood-smoked baby back ribs were delicious, but are not on the menu right now.

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              I miss their back ribs too. And too bad the chocolate fondue is gone also. Great variety of fruit and poundcake for dipping :-(

              But their mussels and frites keep me happy.