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House of Chan Tonight

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I'm going to House of Chan tonight for dinner. We're really going for the stone crab from Joe's in Miami, but in terms of the other things we order, I want to make sure we do it right.

Is there anything that cannot be missed? What steak cut is the best? Are we better off going with a steak of one of the beef dishes, which it appears contain the same beef anyway? Any really outstanding appetizers?

Overall, is the place still great, or is it now just a name?

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  1. The place is stuck in 1988. But if your going just for the little hard to eat claws, knock yourself out.

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      Not sure what your saying. Decor stuck in 1988? Food sucks? The crab is no good?

      Next time, a less cryptic response would be helpful.

      1. Do a search on HOC here.

        **EDIT- original post was in MAY!!

        Therefor continuing to post in this thread is moot.