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Mar 14, 2007 06:22 AM

Definitive Chinatown- 1 meal

I am headed to NYC with my father who, though he has visited the city numerous times, has never ventured into Chinatown. I have eaten at a few of the more popular places, most recently Excellent Dumpling House which I found enjoyable but otherwise aerage. For one mid-priced meal that just feels like Chinatown, what would some of the locals suggest? Also, I have searched old posts and have taken these into account, but was just wondering if there were any new noteworthy experiences.

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    1. I suggest Big Wong on Mott Street for the true Chinatown experience. It serves Cantonese food and Cantonese people were the ones that established Chinatowns across America. Nowadays there is such a wonderful, diverse variety of regional chinese/asian fare that the original tends to get lost in the shuffle.

      There is nothing fancy about Big Wong but I personally think it translates the "feel" of Chinatown best. You get the slightly noisy atmosphere, nononsense waiters, Chinese families with grandparents & kids, turnover is fast and efficient and most importantly very good & tasty food!

      Their BBQ meats are top-rated (try the spare ribs & roast duck), wonton noodle soups, and you can't get more Cantonese than beef chow fun & congee (but this might be too exotic for your Dad if he's never ventured to Chinatown before).

      Hope this helps.

      1. Thanks for the feedback. Our family is in the restaurant business, and he has been to Boston and SF's Chinatown's, so I think the father would be willing to try virtually anything once.