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Mar 14, 2007 01:34 AM

All You Can Eat Korean BBQ, in SFV?

For a while i have been wondeirng if there are any all you can eat korean bbq places in sfv, i noticed some korean place on whiteoak and sherman way on the greenland market plaza but not sure if its AYCE.

any suggestions?


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  1. Here's a recent thread on Korean food in SFV. I like Pine Tree in Northridge.
    I have never had all you can eat bbq there, though. The portions are good, however.

    1. Yes, that place in the Greenland Market plaza is all you can eat. I was there last week. They are having a special for $18.99, a minimum of 2 people. You get all you can eat meat (various beefs, pork, chicken), any sushi rolls off the menu and cold noodles. It was pretty good, and it was really crowded the day we went, full of Korean people. The staff does not speak much English, so it was an adventure, but the food was pretty good.

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      1. re: WHills

        its 18.99 per person min of 2 people, but is that all you can eat.

        katkoupai, does pine tree have all you can eat, if so how much?

        1. re: knsv

          I've never had all-you-can-eat at Pine Tree or see it on the menu, but I may be wrong. The last time I went was a few months ago. It's worth checking out though.

          1. re: katkoupai

            so then how do you know that pine tree has one?

            1. re: knsv

              Please call them to double check. I am unable to confirm whether they have all you can eat or not. I have never had it there, but I have had good, generous portions of Korean bbq and other Korean food there, as I stated in my first post. Good luck. :)

              Pine Tree
              8322 Reseda Blvd
              Northridge, CA 91324-4619

              If you find what you are looking for, please post. :)

          2. re: knsv

            Yes, you get all you can eat meat, sushis and cold noodles. So, yes, it is an all you can eat Korean BBQ. It is also $18.99 per person, minimum 2 people.

            1. re: WHills

              I heard it was about 20 per person but not all you can eat, is this a new thing?

              hmm i should try it out, is it pretty good?

              1. re: knsv

                Like I stated in my earlier post, I went last weekend. It is $18.99 per person, all you can eat meats, sushi and cold noodles. The meat was good and sushi rolls not bad either. You can order off the menu also, or you can do the all you can eat.

                1. re: WHills

                  WHills, thanks for the info. I didn't know this about Pine Tree, and I appreciate your informative posts. :)

                  1. re: katkoupai

                    No, not at Pine Tree. At the place next to Greenland Market, there is AYCE. I've never been to Pine Tree.

                    1. re: WHills

                      I realized that a little too late-- oops. Sorry! :)

                      1. re: WHills

                        I checked out the place next to greenland market, interesting how it comes with sushi, i guess its good value but i didnt think the meat and sides were as good as the places in koreatown.
                        But still not bad for an SFV place, thanks WHills

          3. we been going to seoul garden in irvine for years,it's all you can eat buffet style, has salad bar dessert, all different kind of meat and sea food , even have sushi for dinner, but lunch is a much better deal under 14 dollars

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            1. re: monkfanatic

              Is there a location in the San Fernando Valley?

                1. re: monkfanatic

                  I don't know how unfortunate it is -- if this is the place on Red Hill Ave., it can stay on Red Hill Ave. and I'll continue to ignore it, because when I went it was not very got a-tall.