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Mar 13, 2007 11:15 PM

Koi Palace - Dragon Beard Candy

Those who have tasted authentic Dragon Beard Candy from overseas as well as the DBC from Koi Palace. Would you please chime in? How does Koi compared to the DBC sold by street vendors in China & Hong Kong?


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  1. I didn't know they had it. Is it something you order at the table or someone is making it outside or what?

    1. We bought a box of the dragon beard candy when we had dim sum there a few weeks ago -- they had a gentleman making it near the hostess station. Unfortunately I've not had it in Asia and so the only comparison I could make was a demo sample at Ranch 99 a couple years prior (when they also brought someone in to make the candy in front of you). The KP box was a bit heavy on the peanut side, and it didn't seem as light and airy as the Ranch 99 one. Hopefully other hounds can chime in with better comparisons.

      1. It's excellent. Not too sweet, which is how I like it. At $1 for each tiny piece--one can easily down half a dozen in a setting--it's almost very expensive. The guy making it there told me in Cantonese it was only a fifth in cost in Hong Kong.


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        1. re: vincentlo

          How can something that's essentially just spun sugar be "not too sweet?"

          There's a permanent DBC stall in Montreal's Chinatown where it's continually made fresh and is cheaper, but airfare to MTL is almost as expensive as air fare HK these days, unfortunately.

          1. re: Gary Soup

            It isn't sweet because most of the volume of the outer spun sugar coating is just air and, I believe, corn starch.

            1. re: Humbucker

              I believe it's sweet rice flour, not corn starch. To me, it's sweet.

          2. re: vincentlo

            awesome. thanks for the report. looks like i have to get myself to daly city sometime.

          3. Can somebody please describe the candy? I am intrigued...


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            1. re: pwu_88

              imagine a ball of cotten candy with a pinch of crushed nuts in the center.

              more or less. you can beard candy for pictures.

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                This candymaking technique is similar to hand-pulled noodles. A ball of sugar "dough" ends up looking like very fine long strands of hair. They can even move like hair for a short while before being shaped into the final version - mesmerizing stuff.

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                    Koi Palace Restaurant
                    365 Gellert Blvd, Daly City, CA 94015

              2. how long is he going to be there?

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                  i believe there's no end in sight. just limited times.

                  1. re: wchane

                    what are the limited times he's there? I need to get my butt on over there.

                    1. re: choctastic

                      that i am unsure, as i've yet to go. i keep forgetting. 11am sunday? something like that.