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Just Starting Out

I'm getting ready to register for my first ever cookware that is actually mine. Up until now, I've been living with hand-me-downs. I am a foodie and love to simmer, saute, broil, grill, etc. Not much of a sweet tooth. I am in need of advice on new cookware.

My friends have little money, so I would prefer to register at Target, Bed Bath & Beyond, and maybe Crate & Barrell. What are my best bets with these registries? Please remember that this will outfit my kitchen for years to come.

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  1. get gift cards from smart and final .

    1. There is no smart and final in this area. Gotta be Target/Bed Bath/World Market/Crate Barrel

      1. crate and barrel has great stuff too

        1. Target sells Calphalon Everyday cookware, which is good for non-stick saute/fry pans. They also carry good quality kitchen appliances. Otherwise, I'd register for most cookware at Crate & Barrel. Register for individual pots and pans, and not sets.

          1. Calphalon is good for the non-stick stuff, but am not a big fan of non-stick. I would suggest going for a pan that has 18/10 stainless steel, will last a long time, also look for pans that can transfer from stove top to oven, so avoid plastic handles, etc. If you do go for the 18/10 stainless steel, remember to check out the 'bar keepers friend', is a stainless steel cleaner that will keep you pans sparkling. You can pick up at your grocery store, walmart, etc.

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              I would agree with that, but I like to keep a non-stick pan around for egg scrambling and omelette cooking.

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                I picked up the Calphalon Contemporary Nonstick 8" and 10" frypans this weekend for $32 (They are $39.99 normally but I bought at Bed Bath and Beyond w/ a 20% off coupon). I made omlettes and hash browns and they were outstanding. You can get these at Crate and Barrel as well for $39.99. I have an 8" Simply Calphalon frypan from Target and it doesn't seem as good as from the set and it was $19.99 when i bought it (I think it's $24.99 now).

                I just registered at Crate and Barrel and at Macy's. I've bought most of the cookware on my own though, since you can find a lot of good stuff deeply discounted on Ebay, and at other online retailers.

            2. Macy's often have sales. Local cookware stores and restaurant supply houses have expertise and fair prices -- and perhaps higher-quality lines (but the same brands) than the discount places

              1. As someone currently registering, on a selfish note, if you register at BB&B and someone buys you something you return, you get cash back, rather than store credit. Just something to keep in mind as you register. That being said, I let my fiancee pick out the pots and pans, because I don't have the patience to put together a set (and didn't know to ask anyone on CH).

                1. If you do end up with cash, you might check out your restaurant supply store for great prices on pots and pans. I have a stash of half-sheet pans I bought for $4.95 each. The same pans sell for $17.95 at Williams-Sonoma.