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Mar 13, 2007 10:20 PM

Berkeley catering

I would love recommendations of full service caterers for a professional dinner at my home. There would be about 50 women who are in town for a large professional meeting at the Moscone Center and I plan on inviting them to a dinner in Berkeley. I am looking for someone who prepares good food, could be ethnic, but which would appeal to people from around the country

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  1. Try Grace street catering..they're in Alameda.

    Or if price is not an issue try Paula le Duc in Emeryville. They're right across the street from Pixar. One of the best in the bay area.

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      I'm not sure I would recommend Grace Street. We are working with them now to do our wedding reception, and we are feeling pretty blown off because we are one of their smaller events (75 guests). Your party would be even smaller so I don't think they would be a good fit.

    2. Hugh Groman Catering is right in Berkeley on MLK and Dwight in that funky art deco green building, he is full service top notch. His style is a blend of european/Mediterranean with a latin flair. Very wide custom menu you can choose from if you have particular requests. I would book early since he gets filled up rather fast. I've had his food and it's amazing. And I've only heard good things about his service and crew.

      1. I've heard great things about Susan Foord Catering:

        What is your price range? Catering companies vary dramatically in cost per head, what they provide, etc.

        1. I was going to suggest Rick and Ann's since they did very well for us but they, to my knowledge, only do buffet. For an interesting experience for "people from all around the country" perhaps you can check out Ruen Pair.Mixed reviews for in house dining but you can certainly pick and choose your menu.

          1. We had a great experience with Shai's, who are located in Kensington. They catered our wedding in 2000 and the food was delicious. Shai is Israeli, so some of their options are Middle Eastern, which probably wouldn't be too out there for "people from around the country".


            I just realized your post was from about 6 weeks ago - hope this helps, or helps someone else.

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              I would HIGHLY recommend both Paula LeDuc in Emeryville

              or Barbara Llewelyn, also I think in Emeryville (although she lives in Orinda);

              Both have done events for us in the size range you are describing, and the results were outstanding. Great food, super attention to detail, easy and responsive to work with during the planning stages, professional servers. The only drawback is that they are not cheap.