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Mar 13, 2007 10:13 PM

calories of bubbles in bubble tea?

so i just heard that bubble tea drinks could be 350 a drink because the tapioca pearls are 7-15 calories each and they calculated that the average . This doesn't make sense to me. Aren't those balls mostly water anyway? holy crap.

i read this among other articles.

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  1. They're tapioca infused with brown sugar water - I'm surprised they're not higher in calories... sorry!

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    1. re: torta basilica

      thats true but i've made boba before and it didn't seem like all that much sugar. oh well. i guess i'll have to drink less of this stuff.

    2. I have a book that says how many says

      a 12 oz cup of bubble tea is 240 calories with no fat and 55 grams of carbs. I thought it was like 500, but I was wrong. This is why I don't drink a lot of bubble tea....and I bet it has so many carbs because it's a starch and because it sits in sugar syrup until ready to eat

      1. I'd imagine that a good portion of the outrageous amount of carbs in bubble tea would come from the flavoured teas themselves, aside from the tapioca balls.

        1. Actually, bitsu, I think you're not far off. Most portions are a lot more than 12 oz.

          Here are the nutrition facts from one popular chain:

          The taro milk tea, which is the last thing I ordered there, has 484 calories!

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          1. re: 2m8ohed

            i just had the tapioca milk tea there. 390 calories. but it says the calories in a milk tea are 377. i might as well just eat ice cream.

          2. that's it, I'm getting bubble tea after I eat my dinner.

            I will pretend that I never read this thread and the caloric content in my book