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Mar 13, 2007 10:05 PM

wilshire & doheny restaurant for lunch

i know there have been a lot of postings on this but AOC, pastis & luques are too far. I need a restaurant for lunch within a few blocks of wishire & doheny for friday. Help! I don't know LA at all!!! thanks!

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  1. I think Kate Mantilini is around there, it's definitely on Wilshire Blvd. It's an upscale diner. They have my favorite pancakes of all time, but I don't know if they'd still be serving it for lunch on weekdays. Their food is pretty good overall.

    1. thanks so much. i saw that mentioned a few times but had never heard of it. thanks for the rec.

      1. Don't know the fanciness level you're looking for, so I'll throw out a few options...

        Had a decent lunch at Meet Me Cafe acouple of weeks back.

        Lazy Daisy is on Wilshire near Almont.

        Spago on Canon by Wilshire

        Porterhouse Bistro on Wilshire

        Xi'an at Canon and Brighton (lots of meetings tend to go on here at lunchtime)

        Hope something helps... FWIW, lots of industry meetings at lunch at Kate Mantelini's.

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          Porterhouse Bistro is closed for remodelling until at least April. It's also never been open for lunch.

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            It's actually owned by my really good friend's cousin... you'd think I'd know this... I've only been for dinners and surprise parties... go figure.

        2. Just so happens I had lunch at Kate Mantinili's yesterday. I was solo, sat at the counter and ordered a tri-colori salad with added grilled chicken. The greens were delicious and very fresh; grilled chicken was also lovely. Trust me, it was not cheap; about $19.00 for that lovely salad with added chicken.. Sure was good and I'm not complaining. Also came with delicious sourdough bread and sweet butter.