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Manhattanite going to . . . dare I say it . . . Brooklyn.

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My girlfriend is dragging me to see a bunch of guys in tights twiddle about. One guy even has scissors for hands. I need a solid restaurant derving delicious fare by BAM to rescue the evening. Any suggestions?


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  1. Hey, wazup, check out the thread just below yours for more BAM dinner ideas, or maybe go to the Waterfront Ale House (on Atlantic Ave) and have a reviving drink to go with your dinner. Good luck.

    1. depends on how far you want to go...

      in the immediate (like across the street) vicinity, you have thomas beisl, an excellent austrian bistro.

      if you want sushi, by far the best quality for the money can be found at taro...a few blocks away on dean street off of flatbush. the interior is a bit shabby but everyone is japanese and the fish is pristine and fresh...and once again, dirt cheap. get the omakase (starting at $35/person) or the sushi for 2 for $30...a total steal for tons of sushi. Add the buttered scallop to your order.

      a few blocks further up flatbush is flatbush farm, frannys, and some others that im forgetting.