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Mar 13, 2007 09:58 PM

Northend Thai Food

We are starting to get more adventurous with Thai food and are looking for good recommendations in North Seattle (Ballard, U dist, Wallingford, Shoreline, etc). Please educate us!

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  1. Thai 65 in the U District is pretty good. A lot of people like Thaiku in Ballard, although I'm not crazy about it.

      1. re: Paul Maipork

        Thai Tom is lovely. It's cheap (everything's a flat $6, as I recall), it's hot, fresh, spicy, and tasty, and an experience watching the (solo) cook (+ prep cook) working the flaming gas stovetop. (And I mean flaming. It often feels like it's shooting up and filling the whole room. Hyperbole, I know, but I'm trying to communicate a feeling.) My two favorites there are the garlic pepper tofu and the swimming rama (my favorite peanut sauce, but maybe too sweet for some.)

        That said, it's a hard place to go with a baby (long waits + cramped space), and now we have I'm looking for a new favorite.

        1. re: southendeater

          I've honestly never understood the appeal of Thai Tom. Admittedly, I haven't been there in a few years, but the food always tasted like ingredients thrown together carelessly and the dishes never struck me as very authentic.

      2. May on 45th in Wallingford is good. I haven't been for dinner recently but the last few lunches I had were tasty. Here's a link to the review in the Seattle Times: http://archives.seattletimes.nwsource...

        1. Thai One On on Lake City Way is quite good.

          1. I like Thaiku - I've found a lot of authentic and hard to find dishes there (such as kanom jeen - a northern dish of mild, soft rice noodles with various interesting sauces) and authentic levels of spiciness.

            I enjoy a lot of the dishes at Sea Thai in Wallingford. Really good tom yum soup for when you're sick.

            In Ravenna, I've had good dishes at both Royal Palm and Super Bowl Noodle House, both near the intersection of 65th and Roosevelt. At Royal Palm I've had gread rad na (noodles in a mild bean sauce) and pad ruam mit (stir fried mixed vegetables). Super Bowl Noodle House has kao mun gai, which is hard to find and really tasty/simple (chicken steamed with rice, with a gingery garlicky sauce on the side and sliced cucumbers).

            When I worked near Northgate, I sometimes had lunch at Chaiyo... I remember their pad woon seen (stir fried thin glass noodles) being really good.