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Tips on Baking with Yogurt Please!

I'm in major diet mode, but love to make and eat baked goods. I'd like to experiment more with using yogurt in my baking - especially in muffins, brownies, and cupcakes. The yogurt brownies I made were too tangy for my taste, but the muffins turned out quite yummy. There's always room for improvement! Any tips and/or recipes that you can share regarding baking w/ yogurt would be much appreciated. Thanks!

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  1. I made this the other day and I love it. The texture is perfect and the flavors very mellow. http://www.slashfood.com/2007/02/24/p...
    I find that the tanginess factor is more dependent upon the type of yogurt than the fat content. i onlt bake with the yogurts that I would eat: not watery or sour or low fat, and my results have been good. But then the reason I bake with yogurt is to increase my calcium and protein consumption. I am not sure about low fat baking. Sorry if this is no help!

    1. I love making pound cake with yogurt instead of butter. Maybe you could counter the "tanginess" with some Splenda. I don't really detect the tangy flavor when I bake with yogurt. Great idea, by the way.

      1. I agree with alex8alot, that the tanginess depends on the brand of yogurt. I eat plain fat free yogurt (mixed with Splenda, flavorings, and fresh fruit), and find that Dannon and Stonyfield, are not particularly tangy. As a matter of fact, I was hoping to find a brand that's tangier. I haven't tried yogurt in baking. Can you please share your yummy yogurt muffins with us? Thanks!

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          The least tangy yoghurts are the Greek ones by Fage. Their 0% and 2% taste fab to me and I use them all the time, for both eating plain and baking.

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            Bzdhkap- If you are looking for a tangy yogurt try Nancy's plain nonfat. I love it and it really has some zing :)

          2. I haven't tried any of these yet, just found them this morning, but there are user reviews. I will definitely try some of these out soon:

            1. if you're not set on baking from scratch, Trader Joe's, Whole Foods, and similar often carry a boxed brownie mix called No Pudge. the mix calls for 2/3 of a cup of vanilla yogurt. i can vouch that the brownies are WAY better than you'd expect. they're quite good.

              1. WOW. Those No Pudge brownies are SO GOOD! DClope, I headed to my nearest TJ's and grabbed a box as soon as I read your post, and I'm so glad I did. They're extremely delicious and fudgy, can't taste the yogurtness at all, and they really make a good-sized batch. Even dividing it up into 16 brownies (at 90 calories each!) I felt like i was getting a good sized brownie. I'm still going to try and come up w/ my own homemade recipe, b/c I'm just that kind of person...but at least now I have a fabulous alternative to keep me going until I perfect my own! Thank you DClope!

                Alex, thanks for the links! Those strawberry cupcakes sound yum...if I sub in Splenda and top with something harmless, like Cool Whip Free, I see great low-cal potential in them! Please let me know if you try making them; I'd love to know what the result is

                As far as the yummy muffins, I just took my favorite muffin recipe and subbed nonfat stonyfield farms vanilla yogurt for 2/3 of the fat (oil, butter, etc.) called for, and the result was lovely! I really want to try experimenting w/ different fruit flavored yogurts in the batter and contrasting fresh fruit (i.e. strawberry yogurt and fresh blueberries, peach yogurt and fresh raspberries, etc.).

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                  I think you hit on one of the keys to low-fat baking. Never replace ALL the butter. You need some because butter just tastes good, even if you never really realized what you were tasting. But you can replace, or simply leave out, a whole lot of it.

                2. I'm so glad you like them - they rock. The only problem is that sometimes I eat waaaay too many cause they're so delicious.