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Mar 13, 2007 09:34 PM

Great Pizza / Italian in or around Yorkville


Any recommendations for great pizza around Yorkville? I have to take 15 out of town guests including a couple small kids (i.e. Prego probably too upscale).

A couple people have recommended Fieramosca or Cafe Nervosa - but would love to hear other opinions as I haven't lived in Toronto for many years now.


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  1. Bar Mercurio for sure...not sure if they will take 15 guests though. Nervoa and Fiermosca are not that good at all.

    1. Vaticano is very pleasant.

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        1. Toni Bulloni's on Cumberland is very good, though as it's small, you might need to call well in advance. Imperia on Yorkville is a larger room with great food, though I haven't tried their pizza.

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            We were at Toni Bulloni's for dinner last night before a movie at the Cumberland. 15 people would definitely fill up 75% of the seating in the back. I didn't have their pizza but it looked great. I did have their mussels (very garlicky which is good but heavy on the salt) and the spinach salad (topped with beautifully carmellized onions, real bacon pieces and a whole hardboiled egg). They bake their own bread and it's fantastic to soak up the broth from the mussels with.

          2. I walked into Cafe Nervosa and walked straight back out. Has all the ambience of a bowling alley. Waayyy too noisy a place especially if you have kids in tow.

            I find Fieramosca quite pleasant and they're always happy to alter dishes to suit children's tastes. In fact they're happy to make whatever you want. Kids seem to eat instead of fidget there.