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Mar 13, 2007 09:31 PM

Where to get golgappa?

I know it's traditionally a street food, but does anyone know of any restaurants around where one can get golgappa?

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  1. Can't actually direct you to the chow, but if you're perusing Indian menus, be sure to look for panipuri (same dish, different name).

    1. If I recall correctly, this used to be available at Bhindi Bazaar: I went there with an Indian friend who was very excited to see it on the menu, though she described it as "kiddie food". I tried it, and thought it was, em, okay, a little on the sweet side. She also raved about the chaat papri, which I did not love, either. (I'm guessing she might not understand what I see in Speed's hot dogs, either.)

      I don't see it on the current menu, however. Come to think of it, it might have been at its predecessor in that location, Himalaya.

      1. Looks similar to pani poori, which can be at quite a few places e.g. Punjabi Dhaba, Rangoli. Look under their chaat menus.

        1. Tamarind Bay's weekend buffet has a make-your-own pani poori bar. The crispy element is rice krispies type bits instead of those nice hollow things featured in your link. There's chickpeas, a few yogurty sauces, onions, spice powders, tamarind sauce, potatoes, tomatoes, etc.