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Mar 13, 2007 09:02 PM

Quick food road trip: Buffalo v. Detroit / Ann Arbor ?!

Sorry if this is the wrong board - mods, feel free to move.

My friend and I are leaving town Friday for a quick weekend getaway, and can't decide on Buffalo or Detroit/Ann Arbor.

Arguing for Buffalo:
- it's closer to us - two hours instead of four
- Kentucky Greg's Hickory Pit in Depew

Arguing for Detroit or Ann Arbor:
- Trader Joe's
- Zingerman's
- Blimpy's
- A&L Wine Castle carries Boodles

What do you think? We just want some good road-type food, and probably to bring home some pumpkin butter - that kind of thing...

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  1. Buffalo also has the original Buffalo wings at the Anchor Bar
    The Anchor Bar
    1047 Main Street
    Buffalo, New York
    (716) 886-8920

    Beef on Weck sandwiches (roast beef with au ju on special handmade rolls) are another Buffalo / Rochester micro-regional specialty. They are probably the best roast beef sandwiches in the US, and I don't usually care for roast beef sandwiches.

    "Broadway Market is a traditional European-style market that has served the Buffalo community for more than 111 years; it offers ethnic delicacies such as kielbasa, fresh ground horse-radish, bratwurst, and pierogi."

    And the there's Buffalo style pizza "Pizza in Buffalo is described as a cross between the thin, foldable New York-style pizza and the deep-dish variety favored in Chicago."

    And this site will update you on what's happening especially the St. Paddy's day events.

    1. You would go to Detroit and not go by Dearborn to eat?

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      1. re: luniz

        Why - what's in Dearborn? (If it's Middle Eastern food I can get that where I live -Toronto- although if it's notably great or unusual in some way I'd give it a shot.)

      2. If you're coming from the south - Ohio or Pa., try stopping in Toledo for a Tony Packos dog, then up US 23 to the Cabelas store in Dundee Mi for a game sandwich and then on to Ann Arbor

        1. Buffalo seems like a better idea for me, but maybe I've spent too much time in Detroit. (I wouldn't mind dropping in on the Motor City for a White Castle run and maybe a pizza from the Green Lantern in Madison Heights, though.)

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          1. re: Bill on Capitol Hill

            You can get White Castle much closer than Detroit even - there's one in Port Huron, Michigan, which is Sarnia's border town. For those who live in Toronto that is. For others Detroit might be closer yeah.

          2. Hmm, I've never heard of Kentucky Greg's Hickory Pit. Sounds good. How far from the Peace Bridge border crossing is it? Easy to get to? Proximity to Walden Galleria?