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Mar 13, 2007 08:26 PM

Anyone who has been to Kaji lately...

Could you describe what exactly was on the menu? I want to choose the right time when they have stuff like lobster, crab, toro, etc because this will likely be a one-time thing for a few years. (I just can't stand the reality of paying more than $150 for a dinner for two, when it's coming out of my own pocket ;) ).

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  1. personally, i would call and ask. i mean who would know the best?

    i doubt they'd mind if you're looking for specific types of fish/seafood, just don't phrase it as if you're trying to get the most expensive ingredients for your buck. i'll give some of my favourite seasonal places a call to find out when they offer something i really enjoy and they'll gladly tell me.

    1. Pinstripe is right, you should call and ask to find out. They might also be able to give you a general idea of when the crabs and lobsters they tend to use are in season.

      I went to Sushi Kaji in November. There are 3 set menus to choose from, I believe they were $80, $100 and $120. I was with a group of people, and each of the menus was ordered at my table.

      The most deluxe menu the night I went included a crab dish, and it came with a few more courses than the least deluxe menu. I ordered the least expensive menu, and I still ended up having several slices of very good toro. There were over 10 different seafoods served over the course of almost 3 hours, all of it unbelievably fresh.

      If you're looking for 1 or 2 specific types of seafood, be aware that each courses is quite small, since so many courses are served, and your portion of lobster, crab or toro will also likely be on the small side. That being said, the slices of sashimi were a generous size.

      1. Kaji's style is very traditional and hinges on communication, so don't be shy about asking what's on offer.Just don't couch it like you do above in terms of "mostest for the leastest." If that's your goal, then head straight for Bloor W.Kaji's portions are have always struck me a typical of hi-end sushi/sashimi.The emphasis is on quality and presentation, not quantity.He's not cheap but then you'll not see this type of food elsewhere.

        1. we were there this past Saturday.

          you can see pictures of what we had here:

          1. To clear up, no I'm not looking exactly for the most for my money, but I want to use this experience to try some of the rarer items.

            @thegreatfoodhunt, those pictures are absolutely mouthwatering....