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Burger in B'more

I'm looking for rec's for a good solid burger--doesn't have to be big, but that tastes like freshly ground steak char-grilled. And good fries are a must. Any favorites? I actually like Pete's Grill, but their hours are so limited and the fries are underdone.

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  1. Brewer's Art in Mt Vernon. Comes with their rosemary-garlic fries. Though currently I'm addicted to burgers and fries at the Five Guys in Brewers Hill.

    I've also heard good things about the Tusk burger at the Brass Elephant and the burger at the Prime Rib (thurs. night only), but I don't have first hand experience with either.

    1. Damn, Five Guys is a guilty pleasure I've indulged in a couple of times. But I like supporting independent places with some atmosphere. I've never been to the Brass Elephant--I'm too scared. I'm worried I'm not dressed well enough or that I'll hold my fork the wrong way!

      1. Koopers Tavern in Fells Point is a great neighborhood tavern. Regular (no Kobe, no Buffalo, no exotic spices) 80-20 ground beef burger with fries. The bonus is on Tuesdays I think, but dont quote me, half price burger day.

        1. McCabe's in Hampden on Falls Road, great burger. Also, Dizzy Issies in Remington.

          1. Based on a rec from KAZ, I tried the burger at the Fort Charles Pub a couple of weeks ago and thought it was excellent. It was one of the best I've had around here -- cooked to order, juicy and delicious. It's now my go-to place for burgers (although I live just a couple of blocks away, so that plays into it as well).

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              Glad you liked it Jon. I think the FCP fits this site to a T. It will never get good marks from the Zagat crowd, "foodies" won't think its adventurous enough, but darn it, they put out some good bar food. A true chowhound find.

              To address the original post, their burgers are top notch (so is their shrimp salad and crab cake) but their fries are just average. Is that what you found Jon?

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                My fries were good and hot (which is half the battle with fries). I haven't tried the shrimp salad or the crab cake yet, although you did recommend them on the other thread, so I will.

                But oh that burger is good. This place is a real Chowhound gem -- I totally agree that you're not going to find out about places like this anywhere else. I owe you a beer for this one.

            2. Agree with McCabes, also really used to enjoy the Birches burger- do they still have the 1/2 price special- I think it was Monday nights. If so great- so many great toppings to choose.

              1. I hate to admit it, but I think the burger at Claddaughs is really good. They used to have a saturday afternoon special (8oz burger and fries for 3.95). You couldn't beat it and they cooked it perfectly. I haven't had one there in a while, but its worth a try if you're in canton square and it's before 2pm.

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                  Why the disclaimer, is there something about Claddaughs we should be aware of???

                2. Dudas in Fell's Point!

                  1. Five Guys definitely gets my nod for chain burgers over Red Robin or Fuddruckers. Used to love Little Tavern burgers "Buy them by the bag." I think there may be one or two LTs still kicking around on Route 1? When I was younger, it was a rite of passage to eat one of the 1 lb. hamburgers at Alonso's on W. Cold Spring Lane. Not the greatest burger you ever tasted, but a Baltimore tradition (albeit now one that costs a whopping $12). Some people have mourned Alonso's gentrification, but it retains enough of its smokey grittiness to give you that local tavern feel.

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                      There is a Little Tavern on Eastern Ave(?) in Highlandtown. Not as good as the one that use to be across from Salisbury U on 13, but it will satisfy the craving.

                    2. Besides Eastern at Conkling, there's a Little Tavern (aka Club LT) on Broening across from the destroyed GM plant, and I think one in Laurel.

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                        The Little Tavern on Conkling next to the Grand Theater(just across from Louis J. Smiths) no longer exists, in fact neither does the Grand, neither does Louie J's .
                        That entire block (east side)of Conkling is a new Public library, but seem to me there use to be a Little Tavern on Eastern Ave between Conling and Fagley(an oldtimers help me out here?), and thats a White Castle on Holabird Ave just above Broening across from the old GM(Fischer Body) plant.. I THINK(gettin old)

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                          Yes, there is a Little Tavern on Eastern Ave.
                          The Poncabird pub on or near Broening Hghwy used to have awesome burgers; haven't been there in awhile though.

                          Kooper's has half-price burger night - I think it's Wednesdays.

                          Finally, second the Birches rec.

                      2. DellaRose's on The Avenue in White Marsh does a great burger.