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Mar 13, 2007 07:43 PM

How's the chili at Edward's Cincy night?

I've never been inclined to go to Edwards, given its apparent mediocrity and that its smack in the middle of one of the world's greatest restaurant neighborhoods. But then I read on the board about Cincinnati night - Cincinnati chili, graeters ice cream, etc.

Cincinnati chili is a taste best acquired in childhood or young adulthood; after that, you just might not get it. For those of us turned on early, it becomes a lifelong craving.

That said, I no longer care for Skyline Chili parlors: very mild cheese, mushy spaghetti, sloppy servings, etc. I make the stuff at home using "imported" cans of Skyline, good quality medium sharp cheddar, good al dente pasta, etc. How does Edward's stack up??

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  1. Well, if you no longer like Skyline Chili parlors whats the point of asking how Edward's stacks up? In my mind, there is nothing better than the real deal.

    Edward's gives you about 10% of the cheese you'd normally get. Even if you ask for extra cheese it's not even close to being enough. The spaghetti is thicker than normal..think Gold Star Chili thickness. The Chili tastes the same, but can be a little sloppy with the extra water they add.

    However, for a Skyline craving cincy ex-pat, it's $10.50 well spent.

    Also, during Bengals season, be sure to check out Pheobes on West 4th, where they serve up 3ways every sunday!

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      Where is Pheobes on West 4th? I did a search for it online and didn't find anything. It's football season and I have a hankerin' for a 3 way.