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Mar 13, 2007 07:27 PM

What's good at Prezza?

My SO and I will be eating at Prezza this wekend for the first time. Is there anything on the menu that shouldn't be missed?

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  1. If they have it on the menu (it's a seasonal special), the paella there is the best I've had in the area.

    1. Portions are pretty big. The way we order there is to split an appetizer, get two half-orders of pasta (which are also all very good), and split an entree, often something wood-grilled, as that's a specialty. That's plenty of food: maybe add a salad to split if you're really hungry.

      Arrive early enough to get a cocktail at the bar; it's one of maybe two places in the North End that slings decent drinks. Stay for desserts, which are fine, too.

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        We do the same, and when we asked them to split the paella main course they were nice enough to bring it out on two separate, smaller paella pans!

      2. Prezza has a fantastic seafood risotto.

        1. The beef carpaccio is really good. When they don't have the carpaccio they have the tar tare which is very good but I prefer the carpaccio. If it's still on the menu the chestnut ravioli with duck is my favorite ravioli in the N.End. It's so rich and delicious. The wood grilled options are all terrific but the seafood stew is my favorite entree.

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            I love the chestnut ravioli with braised duck too - actually all of the pastas. I usually order a one or two apps and a half portion of pasta. Other favorites are the veal raviolini, arancini with short rib and gorgonzola, wild mushroom and fontina risotto, mussels with chorizo polenta, and the seafoood stew. Haven't been in a couple of months, so haven't tried a lot off the current menu. My husband usually orders the wood-grilled Angus sirloin, the veal porterhouse with lobster risotto, or the double-thick pork loin. I love the paella too, not sure if it's on the menu at Prezza since they have it as a signature dish at Copia now (which BTW they serve for one person, two, or three).

            I'm not sure if the menu link on the Prezza website is working, but here's the pdf file from a couple of weeks ago:


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              Just FYI re: Prezza. I thought this sounded interesting and a great deal!.

              They're doing a new "Godere in Dué menu" at the bar - a 3-course prix fixe for $45 a couple, $75 with wine. Hmmm. I think it's time for a visit.


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                I wonder if Prezza has any idea about the double entrendre in that name.

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                  Stopped into Prezza last week to try the Godere in Due with a girlfriend - thought overall it was a great idea and quite tasty. The tuna tartare is tasty and as good as raved about on another thread. Accompanying it was a Gruner Vetliner that was crisp and light and a good sized pour. Creamy polenta with mushrooms was the standout of the night - yes, everyone is doing it, but this was the best version I've had in a long time. Montevina syrah paired perfectly. Gnocchi with ragout wasn't earth shattering, but held its own, although I wouldn't order it again. There's just better gnocchi to be had and the ragout seems a bit thin. All plates are split from the original portion, but I was still quite full when I left - part of which came from eating most of the breadbasket and about a dozen olives. Bartender was attentive, sweet and quite generous with the pours as well.

                  Love the space and the bar, but really don't understand the owner's stamping of his restaurant names on his stemware.

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                    I love Prezza's polenta too, one of my favorite appetizers is the crispy zucchini flowers with tomato over polenta.

                    We've actually been to Prezza twice in a week, most recently last night, because I love their new parsnip raviolini with duck confit. A couple more favorites off the new menu are the seafood antipasto trio - crispy fried oysters with shaved asparagus salad, baccala and cherry peppers, and a delicious clam ceviche, and the asparagus risotto with tiger shrimp and fontina.

                    Haven't tried the Godere in Due bar special yet, but did grab the new menu. We almost ordered it last night, especially since E's favorite pasta is on there, and I haven't tried the meatballs yet, but we opted to order off the regular menu.

                    Current Godere in Due (with wine $75 for two people, $45 without)

                    1st Course - Crispy shrimp in shredded phyllo with cherry pepper aioli over Italian radicchio slaw (Truchard Rousanne)

                    2nd Course - Spring pea raviolini with ham, mascarpone, and parmigiano (Five Rivers Pinot Noir)

                    3rd Course - Homemade meatball and sausage with tomato over polenta (Carparzo Rosso di Montalcino)


            2. any recent additions to add? will be trying soon. thanks!

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                I went this weekend and really enjoyed the fresh figs stuffed with gorgonzola; wrapped with prosciutto and baked. Can't go wrong with the wood grilled clams either.