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Mar 13, 2007 06:52 PM

whats better LALA's or Carlos Gardel?


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  1. that's laughable!
    Lala is not worth going to whatsoever, yet Carlito's Gardel is one of LA's better restaurants, with a steak, seafood and chops-focused menu accompanying one of the city's better wine lists, especially of Malbecs from Argentina. If you really like good wine, have Max, the bald one and son of the mother and father owners there guide you to a fabulous wine/dinner combo that you will not forget.
    And, as always, DO make sure you get the garlic fries - they are a reason to go there by themselves!!! for more info!

    1. Gardels is excellent. The steak and the sides are superb. Be sure to get the caramel dessert. One of my favorite meals ever.

      1. Lala's has cute waitresses. It's to dark to see your food and it's wicked loud but they do let you eat with your small dog on the patio.

        1. I like LaLa's, its not the best restaurant in LA by any means but their grilled skirt steak is really good, they have great import beers (I like Quilmes from Argentina) and their empanadas are good. Its also not too expensive. We go there from time to time and I have not had a bad meal there. Can't comment on Gardel because I have never been.

          1. Carlitos Gardel is far far better. If you're looking for one of the best steak sandwiches you'll ever have in your life, it's a prime destination. Also not a bad deal for the money.
            Lala's is mediocre, more of a fun place to eat outside on the culinary wasteland of that strip of Melrose.