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Mar 13, 2007 06:37 PM

Lucille's Barbecue ??

So I keep hearing about a new Lucille's that opened in Lake Forest (OC) and how it's so jammed you need to go outside of main meal hours to avoid the long wait. I checked the online menu and the BBQ entrees are pretty much all well over $20, so this is into the area of serious pricing I think. Worth it?

Is this Outback/Claim Jumper-style food or better? I mean, does Lucille's get anywhere near close to the kind of BBQ that is continually recommended on this board at small places around LA? Where would Lucille's rank if none of those small places existed?

I should probably include that I really do like the beef ribs at Claim Jumper, though I think their pork ribs are not so special, nor are they great at Outback. I DO like the ribs at Dr. Hogley Wogley's; and (at the other end of the SoCal universe) at Rick's Secret Spot in San Clemente.

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  1. Lucille's is similar to CJ in that the portions are big, but I think the food is WAY better. I had the most tender and delicious barbecued tri-tip the last time I was there. Truly succulent. The ribs are amazing too.

    1. I agree OCGirl, Lucille's is a great family restaurant with VERY big portions. Down home southern cooking.......service is excellent, they are also in Brea and Long Beach.

      1. I didn't care for anything I had at Lucille's. I thought the tri-tip was kind of dry and the roasted corn was just *meh*. Looked better than it tasted. The cornbread mash thing (the proper name escapes me) was pretty chowish IMO though. If Lucille's were half the cost of what it actually is, I'd probably be a little more excited about it, but at those prices......Also, I definitely wouldn't wait in line for it ever. I'll qualify all of this by saying I only went there once, and any place can have an off day.

        1. I have eaten, prepared and watched many very good BBQ chefs prepare great food...this at Lucille's is just average, chain food....IMO

          1. it's pretty good, although you would think Lake Forest never even heard of BBQ before by how insanely crowded that parking lot is. tri tip sandwich was fine, but i went crazy over one of their mixed concoctions featured on their regular menu......the name is escaping me. but i would go back just for that.