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Clinton Street Baking Company

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I am going for breakfast tomorrow with my mom. What shall I eat? I looked at the breakfast menu. How is the french toast? Ham steak? Cheese Grits? Any other suggestions.
Thanks chowhounders

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  1. get either of the pancake options (i especially like the wild maine blueberry version). at worst this dish is pretty good and at best it's terrific - fluffy and light on the inside with just a hint of crispness on the outside. while the pancakes haven't been perfect on my last few visits they were still good nonetheless.

    1. I concur with the blueberry pancakes rec. , the french toast is also good and usually any dish with bacon lardons were good.

      1. This is my fave brunch place. They are known/famous for their blueberry pancakes. French toast is disappointing. Biscuits are so good too. Long wait but well worth it.

        1. the biscuit sandwich is simply divine.

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