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Mar 13, 2007 06:25 PM

Nominations for outstanding yet under-the-radar LA pastry chefs?

I'm curious...

Who's the best LA pastry chef that currently, for whatever reason, isn't getting the deserved kudos for their work either on this board, throughout the blogosphere, or in print?

Put down the name of the chef, the name of the restaurant, and your favorite dessert...let's see what we come up with...

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  1. Keiko Nojima of Patisserie Chantilly in Lomita is probably the most impressive of pastry chefs that I've come across. Everything about her shop, pastries, and beverages has been so well thought out. The attention to detail will amaze you. I haven't tried everything there, but everything that I have tried has left me amazed at how delicious and beautiful her works of art are. I think her place is probably most well known for her cream puffs, or Choux a la Creme, and Choux aux Sesames. But the Gateau Fraise, Gateau Orange, Maccha Roll, Pomme Pomme, Mont Blanc, and Chateau Chantilly are incredible as well. A small sense of guilt runs through me when I contemplate sinking a fork into these masterpieces, but alas, to do so is to acknowledge Keiko's deft ability to create some of the most irresistable pastries.

    1. Chocolate souffle at La Cachette.

      Dunno the name of the chef ...

      1. I must say, as a South Bay guy, I have never heard of Patisserie chantilly...where in Lomita is it??? I must try it

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          It's in a strip mall on Lomita and Pennsylvania (which is between Crenshaw and Narbonne). I don't know their hours but I usually hit them on the weekend.

          Most of Keiko's creations aren't overly sweet. IMHO, the balance between taste, texture and sweetness is always just right. If you're planning on getting the cream puffs, plan on at least an extra ten minutes, as they don't make them until you order them - this ensures a great puff that isn't soggy. The coffee is great - it's more like half-way between an espresso and a cafe americano with a nice crema on top. You might want to order it along with the cream puffs, and a pastry to have while you're waiting. If you order the puffs to go, please don't plan on letting them sit for any longer than a few hours or their efforts will be all for not.

          As far as all of the other pastries and cookies, if it sounds good to you, then it probably is. One truly gets the feeling that when Keiko sets out to make any of these items, that she has really set her mind to making it the best that she possibly can. I hope you get a chance to drop by soon and give us your opinion!

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            If one likes cream puffs, these beat Beard Papa any day of the week.

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              After having Chantilly's, Beard Papa just won't do... The last time we went to Beard Papa was after dinner across the street at Kinchan's... my kids each had one, as well as my wife. I passed out of respect to Chantilly. While they ate their "cream puffs", I kept waxing sentimental about the puffs at Chantilly. As a result, everyone ventually stopped eating their cream puffs and we were all in agreement that there is no other cream puff other than Chantilly's.

              1. re: bulavinaka

                Keiko Nojima @ Patisserie Chantilly all the way.

                I've tried every single dessert they offer....can't say which one is my favorite, as I loved them all :) Mont Blanc (MOST of my Japanese friends have said her Mont Blanc is better than those in Tokyo!), Chateau Chantilly, the new Strawberry Parfait, Choux aux Sesames....bulavinaka's post at the top says it all!

        2. Debra King, CAKEWALK. Cardamom cake with pistachio mousse and vanilla buttercream. Not too sweet and a great combination of flavors not normally found around town.

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            Where is this place? Cardamom cake sounds amazing. I want some NOW.

          2. I'm sure that if by any chance you're writing an article based on Chowhound recommendations, you'll remember the credit Chowhound!