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Mar 13, 2007 06:20 PM

Different and unique in Nashville?

I've been to Nashville a few times and dine in places that we have here in Florida or that are located in other areas of the nation. There was also an Italian place near the Loews Hotel I dined in once. I'll be there for four days starting this Saturday and would love to try some different and interesting places. Also is there anything Nashville is known for? From dirt cheap to way expensive, any and all suggestions and are welcomed and appreciated! Thanks in advance!

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  1. Monelle's
    La Hacienda - Nolensville Road
    Zola on west end
    Watermark - the gulch

    1. For typical Nashville food you want a meat and three: southern style cooking, main course and several side dishes. The best typical meat and three is reputedly Arnold's. For a slightly different approach, go to Monell's, where you will sit with strangers at a huge table and pass around all you can eat of a couple of cold salads, about three hot sides, biscuits, corn bread, three main courses including the best fried chicken ever, and dessert.

      La Hacienda Taqueria and La Hacienda Marisqueria (not to be confused with a completely different chain called Hacienda) have very nice Mexican food. Cafe Margot and Zola have probably the best fine dining in town, and the Capitol Grille is a steakhouse that actually driy ages its own meat.

      1. I made my first trip to Nashville last year and really enjoyed both Watermark and Germantown Cafe. The latter in particular felt uniquely Nashville.

        1. I always take out of town guests to eat homemade Mexican popsicles at Las Paletas at the corner of 12th Ave South and Kirkwood.

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          1. Thanks, everyone. We have Capital Grilles everywhere in Florida (one is a few miles from my home in Tampa and my sister works at the one in Miami LOL and I just drove past one in Orlando last weekend) so I'll skip that, but everything else sounds so interesting and fun! I definitely have to do Monell's! What fun!

            Thanks again, everyone!

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              Point of clarification (because this confused me for a while) the Capitol (with an o) Grille at the Hermitage Hotel is nashville is not the same as the Capital (with an a) Grille steakhouse chain that's in 15 or 20 other cities.

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                Thanks, cookie monster. I thought it was a typo and hadn't realized it was a completely separate establishement!