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Different and unique in Nashville?

I've been to Nashville a few times and dine in places that we have here in Florida or that are located in other areas of the nation. There was also an Italian place near the Loews Hotel I dined in once. I'll be there for four days starting this Saturday and would love to try some different and interesting places. Also is there anything Nashville is known for? From dirt cheap to way expensive, any and all suggestions and are welcomed and appreciated! Thanks in advance!

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  1. Monelle's
    La Hacienda - Nolensville Road
    Zola on west end
    Watermark - the gulch

    1. For typical Nashville food you want a meat and three: southern style cooking, main course and several side dishes. The best typical meat and three is reputedly Arnold's. For a slightly different approach, go to Monell's, where you will sit with strangers at a huge table and pass around all you can eat of a couple of cold salads, about three hot sides, biscuits, corn bread, three main courses including the best fried chicken ever, and dessert.

      La Hacienda Taqueria and La Hacienda Marisqueria (not to be confused with a completely different chain called Hacienda) have very nice Mexican food. Cafe Margot and Zola have probably the best fine dining in town, and the Capitol Grille is a steakhouse that actually driy ages its own meat.

      1. I made my first trip to Nashville last year and really enjoyed both Watermark and Germantown Cafe. The latter in particular felt uniquely Nashville.


        1. I always take out of town guests to eat homemade Mexican popsicles at Las Paletas at the corner of 12th Ave South and Kirkwood.

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          1. Thanks, everyone. We have Capital Grilles everywhere in Florida (one is a few miles from my home in Tampa and my sister works at the one in Miami LOL and I just drove past one in Orlando last weekend) so I'll skip that, but everything else sounds so interesting and fun! I definitely have to do Monell's! What fun!

            Thanks again, everyone!

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              Point of clarification (because this confused me for a while) the Capitol (with an o) Grille at the Hermitage Hotel is nashville is not the same as the Capital (with an a) Grille steakhouse chain that's in 15 or 20 other cities.

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                Thanks, cookie monster. I thought it was a typo and hadn't realized it was a completely separate establishement!

            2. If it's warm and sunny, treat yourself to some soft-serve at Bobbie's Dairy Dip. It is uniquely Nashville and, with the closing of Vandyland, one of the last holdouts of 50s-style chow.

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                LOL I'll have to make a trip back this summer. Being a Miami native, anything under 70 is quite cool for me. The highest it's supposed to get while we're there is 68! It gives me a great excuse to go back up. I love Nashville!

              2. I think I'll chime in here with a couple of recs that are a bit more downscale. Hog Heaven for barbeque is stellar. The meat can stand on its own without sauce, but their two sauces - red & white - are both stellar. This is a little stand with a single picnic table. Most people either take their food to go or just go across the street to the park and enjoy themselves.

                My other favorite is the Loveless Cafe for truly down-home, heart stopping Southern cooking. I love the fried chicken. Dynamite bisquits and sides. Don't go if you have a pacemaker.

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                  LOL Mutt, no pacemaker here. Oh my gosh, southern fried chicken and bisquits! I can't wait!

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                    I will second Hog Heaven. i have been getting turkey BBQ sandwick with white sauce and slaw (+pickle).

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                      Loveless Cafe does have incredible biscuits, but to my taste the fried chicken is better at Monell's. So if you're only going for fried chicken once, Monell's is where I'd go. Get breakfast at Loveless instead.

                    2. For another great meat-n-3, try Sylvan Park restaurant on Murphy Road off of West End. The pies are outstanding. On a sidenote, though it has been clarified that Capitol and Capital Grille are notthe same establishment, i believe the chain establishment dry ages its beef, not our famous Hermitage Hotel restaurant.

                      I would also like to add that Midtown Cafe on 19th Avenue, under the leadership of new executive chef Paul Endt, has a very strong new menu as well as some of their old favorites. And for more good 'que, it's hard to beat Jack's. I prefer the Trinity lane location, but the Jack's downtown on Broadway is much easier to get to.

                      Also, though the service doesn't always convey southern hospitality, you might want to try the pancake pantry in Hillsboro Village. I live close by and, if one goes on weekday mornings, a better breakfast is hard to find (except maybe at Loveless).

                      1. WOW thank you all. We have been so swamped with our meeting we haven't had much time to go out. We did find an open place last night called Rippy's (Broadway.) The banjo player was fantastic. I hear that a lot of people play here in Nashville, but it's pretty awesome hearing it because we don't have this music back home! You all have given me so many excues to come back sooner than later! Thank you again. I am sorry to be heading home tomorrow! It's too soon!