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Mar 13, 2007 06:15 PM

Truffle hunting

Anyone know of a way to pay someone to take you hunting for white truffles, other than as a part of a super-expensive and time-consuming package deal?

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  1. If you search the NY Times website, you might be able to access an article (published less than 2 years ago) about white trufffle hunting around the village of San Giovanni d'Asso, in central Tuscany. I have been in that village and they have a small truffle "museum" there. You may be able to find someone there to take you out on a truffle hunt.

    Be aware that most truffle hunters are very secretive and very protective about where they find their truffles. Also, for tax reasons, they prefer to keep a low profile about what they do.

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      The article appeared July 10, 2005. You can find it on the NY Times website in the Travel section under Italy/Tuscany.

      Also, check out

    2. HI!
      you can do it in Hungary, we have white truffle from oktober until january
      check out here:

      1. Thanks--this is incredibly helpful. I knew about Alba, of course, but didn't want to be there with a mob of other American foodies, and I loved the truffle festival in Gubbio but didn't know how to connect up with a truffle hunter there. The San Giovanni d'Asso site has information on half-day truffle hunting expeditions for only about $50!

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          You may not find all that many American foodies in Alba & the Langhe during truffle season, but you will find a lot of Germans, Swiss and Japanese. The area around San Giovanni d'Asso (between Siena and Montalcino) does not get a lot of tourist traffic even in the high season. My guess is it will be VERY quiet there during truffle season and the winter months.

        2. We spent a wonderful afternoon truffle hunting and then cooking up several truffle-based dishes with these folks on the Umbria/Tuscany border:

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            Thanks--I really appreciate it! Thanks to you guys I am concocting my own truffle tour. If I feel like it's getting a bit repetitive I can always work in some porcinis. (Just kidding--of course I will eat them both together at every opportunity that presents itself.) This trip won't happen until October, obviously, so any additional tips would still be appreciated.

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              Cranrob, I am finally working on nailing down my itinerary. I can go truffle hunting in San Giovanni d'Asso and/or Citta di Castello, which you recommended. But the site for the latter gives no prices. Do you remembre how much you were charged, approximately? Also, where did you stay? More details on the town would be great.


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                alixschwartz, Sorry I don't remember exactly how much we were charged, but it was quite reasonable. Send them an email and ask for prices. We were staying in a rented house in Chianti, about an hours drive from their meeting place, which was the town of Citerna, a short drive northwest of Castello. Their truffle hunting grounds was just outside of Citerna, and was a privately owned hazelnut grove. Citerna itself is a fascinating fortified hilltop town, and they gave us a tour of the town that included visiting some interesting underground Etruscan ruins and some private houses. There was a very nice looking hotel in Citerna: Hotel Sobaria:

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                  Thanks! The hotel's prices look very nice as well. And I have never (knowingly) seen hazelnut trees--more and more adventures keep unfolding.


            2. Last October I went on a truffle hunt in the evening just before dinner which included some of the truffles we found. We were led by Ezio who runs a lovely B&B with his wife Cleclia in the hills just south of Alba in Piemonte. The website is which is also in English.