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New Mexican on Beacon Street?

Has anyone been to Taqueria la Mexicana - it's across the street from Anna's on Beacon Street?

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  1. i've been there twice; i had some very nice tacos--al pastor & barbacoa i think--and some pretty mediocre other stuff (i can't remember exactly what we ordered, but it included the torta.) the chips are good if they're freshly made. one time, the place was quiet and calm, the other time they had music blaring (quite loudly) out of a boombox. seems to be kind of hit or miss.

    1. Love the lengua/tongue taco and horchata.

      1. Haven't been to this outpost yet, but the original in Waltham is my favorite Mexican in the area by some distance.

        1. I've been a couple of times now and found it to be pretty decent. The ingredients both times were very fresh and the food is pretty tasty for what it is. (i.e. east coast mexican) It's a good alternative to the burrito joint directly across the street if you happen to find yourself in the area. Prices were fair for Brookline and the servers very friendly both times.

          1. Just to clarify...

            I think everyone here is talking about Taqueria Mexico on Beacon Street in Brookline. Taqueria la Mexicana as mentioned above is located in Union Square in Somerville.

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              OK, so as BFP says, this is a branch of the Waltham taqueria, not the Somerville taqueria? Just confirming...

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                Yes, this is a branch of the Waltham and Lynn locations.

            2. Which style burritos are these - steamed (a la Anna's/Boca/Felipe's) or warmed-on-the-grill (a la everywhere else)?

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                It's a taco place. I'm not even sure they do burritos, and I wouldn't recommend them if they do.

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                  I have a menu and yes they do burritos - all are 3.99 and seem to follow a uniform mode of large flour tortilla served w/ beans, lettuce, tomatoes, cheese and sour cream. The variation is protein.
                  We went there one Sunday around 2PM when every other restaurant in CC was teeming with parents and the enormous strollers of the entitled off spring. Friendly staff, customers and great service- not a stroller in sight but they had high chairs for kids. Because of the hour we only ordered a couple of tostadas (beef and potatoes) and taco's (chicken). Food was great. Definitely going back.

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                    Why wouldn't you recommend them if you don't even know that they are on the menu?!?!?!

                2. I've been meaning to check them out but I have 2 questions I hope someone could answer first:

                  Is this a sit down w/ waitstaff place or counter ordering? I know it's a tacqueria and I assume it's the later but I've noticed a few comments about service (which generally isn't mentioned for counter service).

                  Is there anything vegetarian there? Only asking so I know who to invite along.


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                    It's sit down service with only 4 tables, maybe 5.

                    Vegetarian options include the following:

                    Quesadillas and tortas come in mushroom, potato, zucchini

                    Main dishes---Chiles Rellanos stuffed with cheese or Plato Vegetariano which includes one chile rellano and one quesadilla with the above mentioned vegetables. Also, it comes with rice, beans and guacamole.

                    If your friend eats eggs, you may want to try breakfast over there because there are more vegetarian options available. Basically, it's many scrambled egg combos with mushrooms, tomatoes, onions, etc...

                    While there are a couple of vegetarian dishes, you will find that most of their menu is meat focused.

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                      very nice staff, but the food is unfortunately very greasy and not very tasty. If you look for a very filling meal without too much excitement for the taste buds, it is probably allright.

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                        What did you order? I've been several times and while it's not as good as what I've had on the WC, it's pretty solid for what it is. I didn't find what I ordered to be greasy, which were burritos, tacos and the fiesta plate.

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                          It was some kind of sampler to get an overview of what they have to offer. Fiesta plate sounds familiar, maybe that is was what I got. Maybe I should give it a second chance, given the positive response from the community.

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                            I went on a friend's recommendation and was very disappointed. I will agree that the people there are very nice and our service was great. The chips and salsa were OK - nothing fabulous. The two of us tried 3 things - a burrito, a quesadilla and something else that I cannot remember. Neither of us finished our food. It was greasy and just not that good. We spent the whole time we were there wishing we had decided to just go across the street to Anna's!