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Mar 13, 2007 06:02 PM

New Mexican on Beacon Street?

Has anyone been to Taqueria la Mexicana - it's across the street from Anna's on Beacon Street?

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  1. i've been there twice; i had some very nice tacos--al pastor & barbacoa i think--and some pretty mediocre other stuff (i can't remember exactly what we ordered, but it included the torta.) the chips are good if they're freshly made. one time, the place was quiet and calm, the other time they had music blaring (quite loudly) out of a boombox. seems to be kind of hit or miss.

    1. Love the lengua/tongue taco and horchata.

      1. Haven't been to this outpost yet, but the original in Waltham is my favorite Mexican in the area by some distance.

        1. I've been a couple of times now and found it to be pretty decent. The ingredients both times were very fresh and the food is pretty tasty for what it is. (i.e. east coast mexican) It's a good alternative to the burrito joint directly across the street if you happen to find yourself in the area. Prices were fair for Brookline and the servers very friendly both times.

          1. Just to clarify...

            I think everyone here is talking about Taqueria Mexico on Beacon Street in Brookline. Taqueria la Mexicana as mentioned above is located in Union Square in Somerville.

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              OK, so as BFP says, this is a branch of the Waltham taqueria, not the Somerville taqueria? Just confirming...

              1. re: tatamagouche

                Yes, this is a branch of the Waltham and Lynn locations.