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Mar 13, 2007 06:00 PM

Child/lrg party friendly Sunday brunch?

We will be in SF this weekend and are looking for a good brunch spot for Sunday. We have great places in San Diego and are looking for something similar up north.

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  1. How big is the party? Any preference in cuisine or price? Area preference?

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    1. re: anna

      7 adults and 2 babies. Your general brunch food will do. Omelets, french toast/pancakes, fresh fruits and good pastries. Here's a couple of links to some favorites in San Diego to give you an idea. We'll be in the Duboce Park and Financial District. Anywhere central would be good. Hayes, Haight, Mission, etc., Thanks for the response!

      1. re: Kico

        If you're in Duboce Park, you're within easy walking distance of 2223 which is at 2223 Market Street. They have an excellent brunch -

    2. Here are some places I can think of. Not all of them take reservations so you may have to wait.

      Mission: Pork Store, Ti Couz
      Hayes: Absinthe, Flippers (more casual - diner)
      South Beach: Town's End, MarketBar
      Potrero Hill: Couleur Cafe
      Marina: Home
      Noe Valley: Le Zinc
      Sunset: Park Chalet, Park Chow
      Castro: Catch

        1. I'd definitely go for Park Chow, very friendly to kids, great brunch.

          1. I agree with Town's End.. what about Delancy Street.. they have a good brunch also