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Mar 13, 2007 05:58 PM

Any experience with the Jura-Capresso Impressa E8 Super-Automatic Espresso Machine ?

I'm shopping super automatic machines and this one is a comparatively excellent price on Amazon. Do any hounds have experience with it?

Does it make ristretto?

Thanks for any feedback!

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  1. If you really care about the quality of your espresso, and I think you do because of your desire for a ristretto, you might want to look at semi auto machines with a good grinder.

    Super-auto's have their place and they are better than the were in years past, but they don't nearly come up to the quality of prosumer machines with a top of the line grinder.

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      Thanks for the thoughts, I'll look into the semi-automatics as well. I think my wife may argue that, say, 85% as good a cup of coffee and all of the grinding internal to the machine might be preferable. But, I'll definitely add the grinder/semi automatic to the mix of possibilities.

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        I'll chirp up here and say if you really, REALLY care about your espresso and really shoot for ristretto, AND you don't need a machine that will bang out a lot of drinks, AND you want to save some money over the Jura as well as most semiautos, AND you want an impressive piece of culinary art, that you consider a lever machine. Mine is an Elektra Microcasa a Leva and has a spring-powered piston, just like professional levers made by Astoria, Simonelli, et al. The brew chamber in this machine takes in one, and exactly one, ounce of hot water when the lever is activated. If you want a ristretto, you pull it down once. You want a standard 1.5-2 oz shot, you pull it down twice. This is my fifth espresso machine and I am now a complete lever convert.

      2. It's great when it works. If it breaks, good luck. Their customer service isn't very good.

        1. The online product manual for the F9 does indicate that it makes ristretto but I did not read it carefully enough to find out how. It might be just that you ask it to make an extra small version of its expresso which would likely result in a stronger product.

          I am also trying to decide how to proceed and whether to buy the F9. It does make a good cup of everything I tried at the local Williams Sonoma where they have a bunch of machines ( including other makes) up and running so you can learn the machines and hopefully make a good decision based on personal taste.

          I came across a new (to the American market) built-in by Ariston that grinds beans and is shallow enough to be built into upper 12" (12.6") cabinets, unlike competitors.

          Does anyone have any experience with Ariston? Or with Miele?

          I tried the Ariston and it did make a good cup of coffee, though I liked the F9's better. (The F9 has 18 bars and the Ariston...and all others I saw had 15 bars)

          Thank you for any comments.

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          1. re: fotoose

            Hi fotoose - AT WHAT WILLIAMS SONOMA DID YOU GO TO SAMPLE THE JURA CAPRESSOS? Please say it was in the Boston area! Thanks.


            1. re: tarbysmom

              Unfortunately, it was in Shrewsbury N.J. but they probably have htem set up elsewhere. There were also some machines, but not as many in Sur La Table, although they were the less glamorous machines.

          2. The original comment has been removed