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Mar 13, 2007 05:56 PM

good place to get a SKIRT STEAK in Hollywood?

My dad happens to be in town right now on business and wants to go to dinner afterwards. Any suggestions for a place to get a good skirt steak around hollywood, and please no ultra-expensive steak houses? haha thanks

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  1. I like lala's on melrose. It's what I get every time. Had a decent one from Bossa nova on Sunset/la brea on Fri, delivery but it was good. I like Lala's better as a place and they have good app's too.
    It's generally not a cut on too many menus, but gaucho has it too, but more expensive.

    1. Sorry I can't think of anything in Hollywood, but I did have a great skirt steak in downtown at Engine Co. No. 28 (you could hop on the Red Line from Hollywood if you're thinking you want to avoid traffic). They've got really great food and it's a nice atmosphere and good service for their very reasonable prices.

      1. The steak frites on the bar menu at Lucques ( ) is excellent. I think it's only available later in the evening, so it might or might not work, depending on your timing. Freakin' good, though.

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          i second this. i've been eating the steak frites for lunch about once every 3rd week. its freaking amazing and a steal at 18 dollars. the fish is always good at lucques too! back and forth back and forth....

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          1. I really like the skirt steak at Taylors Steakhouse in Koreatown. It is my favorite steak there.