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Mar 13, 2007 05:52 PM

Good reading cookbooks?

I love my cookbooks, but I tend to read them more than I cook out of them! I particularly enjoy cookbooks where the author shares a story or some little caveat with each recipe. Ina Garten does this to some extent in her Barefoot Contessa series, which I love, but I also have a number by Ann Hodgman (Beat This!, etc) that are fun to read because she includes an oftentimes hilarious little snippet with each recipe. Sara Moulton's first cookbook is another great example and fav. I also find these are the ones I go back to most often to cook from, maybe because they sell the recipes to me.

Any good authors I am missing? I need to vary my late night reading! Thanks

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  1. Elizabeth David is my favorite reading in this vein - never made anything of hers!

    1. Here's two (though I must admit I use these for cooking): (1) Georgeanne Brennan, THE FOODS AND FLAVORS OF HAUTE PROVENCE, and (2) Jerry Traunfeld, THE HERBFARM COOKBOOK.

      1. I enjoy the Babbo cookbook for just plain reading, and Aliza Green's "The Bean Bible". "Real Stew" by Clifford Wright is also quite good.

        1. One of my favorite cookbook authors to read is Faith Willinger. Her Red, White and Greens, for one, not only chronicles her life in Italy as wife and mother, but gives the rationale and history behind vegetable dishes not usually written down in Italian households. She calls herself a Born Again Tuscan. I love her for that.

          1. Try "Jewish Cooking in America" by Joan Nathan. The book has won Julia Child and James Beard cookbook awards, and is full of anecdotes and history.

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