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Mar 13, 2007 05:47 PM

The BonBonerie, Cincinnati

Does anyone have any experience with the cakes here? My mother-in-law is turning 70 and I'm in charge of procuring the cake. I've heard my neighbors (Cincinnati natives) rave about BonBonerie but I haven't had the pleasure as of yet. I'm planning to head over sometime this week but would love some recommendations. She doesn't care too much for sweets but likes chocolate (as long as it's not overly sweet) and fruity things. I was thinking maybe the Lemon Moon, the Raspberry White Chocolate Romance (though I find white chocolate to be awfully sweet), or the Carrot.

Suggestions very much appreciated.

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  1. I've only had their full-size cake once, and I don't remember specifics. But I've bought smaller items like cookies and tarts there many times. I'd be very surprised if you'd find anything less than wonderful quality, regardless of what you choose. Brace yourself, however, for price sticker shock. This is probably the finest bakery in the area and the prices reflect that. But at the same time, just the sight of the box screams "you deserve the best." <g>

    1. why is this thread stickied? I like the bonbonerie and all, but why sticky this particular thread?

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        I don't think it's stickied. I think that Chowhound's "sticky" label doesn't work. It will probably drop off within the day.

      2. The Bonbonerie did the cake for my daughter's wedding three years ago. I think it was the Raspberry White Chocolate thing. It was very good. My daughter and wife chose it over Virginia Bakery and a couple others. Are you buying a big cake? All the major bakeries will let you taste the cakes if you're buying for a crowd. There's another good bakery you ought to check out -- I think it's called Takes the Cake, in Over-the-Rhine, and I think it's at Main and Liberty.

        1. For my wedding we had cake from the Bonbonerie. We had opera cream and one of the lemon flavors. They we both delicious. I highly recommend them. All the flavors are very good; I had to do two tastings to decide.

          1. I love the opera creme from the Bonbonerie it seems that they have cut back on the sweetness of it and it is perfect. A large cake will run around 40.00. Take the Cake is no longer on Main St. the sign on the window says they moved to Northside. The Chocolate Cake with White Buttercream Frosting from Take the Cake is the best cake I have ever had. My late wife insisted on having it for her birthday. For a sheet cake I would go with Bonnie Lynn Bakery they have one here in Blue Ash on Cornell Rd. Generally I find Chocolate sheet cake not so good but theirs is an exception and the yellow cake is awsome.