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Mar 13, 2007 05:37 PM

Monday lunch and dinner near Yorkville?

Looking for something new for a lunch and dinner near Yorkville on a Monday with DH. Recently went to JK at the Gardiner for lunch and am considering a repeat visit, but wondering what else there is nearby. Looking for something intimate, but not to ritzy/stuffy for dinner. Excellent food and service a must, decor is 3rd priority. Cost not important as long as it's worth it!

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  1. Bellini's is nice (on Yorkville), Serra is near there, cheaper and great food, though not the level of decor (it's on Bloor, west of Spadina), Pangaea is on Bay just south of Cumberland... And for lunch, consider tea at the Windsor Arms for a kinda fun experience...or the Four Seasons Lobby Bar. JK is definately worth a second visit...and third...

    1. Pangaea, Opus or Bar Mercurio.

      1. Caren's Wine Bar - (assuming they're open on Monday)?

        Also, second Mercurio.

        1. Imperia on Yorkville, across from the Library. Same owner as Cafe Doria. The lobster risotto will reset your altimeter.

          1. Any non-Italian in the area for dinner that fulfills the cirteria? We're not the biggest fans of Italian restos (prefer to cook it at home).