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Mar 13, 2007 05:33 PM

Portland Wedding Reception Venues

Hoping to get some ideas for potential wedding reception venues for July. The ceremony will take place on the Portland Spirit, so we are looking for a location that is close by. I am planning this for my sister, and unfortunately, I am not very familiar with the area. Most likely we will not be doing a full sit down meal, only drinks and snacks, it will take place on a Saturday, late afternoon/early evening. Planning on 20 to 30 people attending. It needs to be kid-friendly and we are hoping to have music/dancing, either a place with a decent jukebox or hook-up for iPod, we will not be hiring a DJ. Trying to keeps costs on the low end. An older post suggested Salvador Mollys, would that be a good option for us? Any advice is greatly appreciated!

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  1. Any McMenamins might fit the bill - they are very easy to work with, and your out-of-town guests will be wholly charmed.